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Questions for your executive speech coach: George Torok

Do you have questions for your Speech Coach? Here are some common questions and answers. Feel free to ask any other question directly of George Torok by calling 905-335-1997 or emailing

What qualifications do you have to be an executive speech coach?

Results and experience. I have coached dozens and have trained hundreds of executive presenters. I have delivered over 1,000 business presentations. Read what my clients say.

Are you a professor?

No, I am not. Some believe me to be a professor because I have instructed at three of Canada's most prestigious business schools - Queens, Michael G DeGroote (McMaster University) and Schulich (York University) - plus three colleges. Although I am not a professor I am happy to tell you that I completed my degree in economics at McMaster University.

Can you work effectively with senior executives?

Yes. I have coached presidents and CEOs to deliver multimillion dollar deal-making presentations. Through my radio show, Business in Motion, I have interviewed hundreds of executives including CEOs of billion dollar corporations. As a resource speaker for TEC (The Executive Committee), I have worked with hundreds of company CEOs. As instructor for the Canadian Management Center's "Effective Executive Speaking" program for the past decade I have trained hundreds of managers and executives from medium and large corporations.

My industry is different. Can you relate to our issues?

First I need to hear about your issues from you. My own career experience covers many industries and situations. The industries that I worked in include automotive, heavy manufacturing, job shop manufacturing, power generation, hospitality, logistics and government. Every sector has its own issues, perspective and culture. My experience, radio interviews and clients give me a broad perspective.

Are you experienced in talking to the media?

Yes. I have been interviewed by the print, radio and TV media over 100 times. I have operated on the other side of the interview by conducting over 400 print and radio interviews as a journalist. I can help you listen for and use key words and phrases. I can help you say the right thing at the right time in the right way.

How do you stay sharp as an executive speech coach?

I have studied and been coached by many of the best presentation experts in North America. I read books on communication and presentation skills. I observe and analyze presentations by amateur and professional speakers. I continue to deliver up to 100 presentations a year. I have delivered presentations to audiences as small as one to over 1,000. I record and critique my own presentations. I attend the meetings and conventions of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association.

Do you understand cultural, social and economic differences?

Yes. Every industry has its own definition of the world. I've worked with small and large business. I've worked with government, education, health care, charity and non-profit associations. Along with my business experience I've served on boards and committees for associations, charities and social issues. I've traveled around the world visiting over 20 countries on five continents.

Can you help our CEO deliver a more effective presentation?

Yes. That's what I do. I have worked with presidents and CEOs who were already good presenters - and knew it. I have also worked with company leaders who were not so good and knew it. It is always easier to work with those who know they need to improve.

What do you know about corporate management?

I worked in corporate management for two decades, most of that time in middle and upper management. I participated in designing and executing both strategic and tactical issues. I hired, managed and fired staff. I served as company spokesperson to clients, suppliers, media and industry stakeholders. I lived the challenges, joys and frustrations of corporate management.

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Yes. Some have called me goofy - even twisted.

Describe your coaching style.

I am direct. I will ask you questions of clarification. I will tell you what to try differently. I will point out what is not working and tell you why. I will offer you ideas and suggestions. I will not be sarcastic nor cryptic. I will offer you simple techniques that you can use immediately to be a more effective presenter.

I am ready to move forward on executive speech coaching. What should I do next?

Complete the Speech Coaching Audit. It will take you about 90 seconds to complete. That will help us both to focus on your most pressing needs. Then contact me to arrange a telephone discussion or send me an email telling me the best time to call you. Depending on timing and availability we might meet before the first coaching session. When we talk we can set our first coaching session.

How many coaching sessions are enough?

It depends on where you are in your skill level and where you want to end. It's up to you. You decide how many times we work together. There is no minimum number of speech coaching sessions. Every client is different. You call the shots and I will work within your constraints. Many clients schedule follow-up sessions to keep improving their presentation skills.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. But I don't do miracles. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work together. 100% satisfaction or your money refunded in full.

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