F "How to Radiate More Confidence than You Feel"
ATTENTION: Do you ever feel anxious about public speaking?

"How to Radiate More Confidence than You Feel"

Are you ready to impress others by transforming your next presentation into one that oozes confidence?

Would you like to feel more confident while preparing and delivering your presentations?

If you have ever experienced the "Fear of Public Speaking" this is your opportunity to beat that demon.

Almost every speaker faces the challenge of how to appear to be better than you feel. The answer lies not in talent but in understanding and using the techniques of powerful presenters. This program will reveal the secrets of how to look and sound more confident.

In this program you will discover
  • Five confidence boosters to use before you speak
  • Three techniques to guarantee a positive start to your presentation
  • What to do when you feel the shakes, willies or flashes
  • How to relax yourself and your audience sooner
  • What do to when you mess up and why you shouldn't apologize
  • How to conclude on a positive note - so they remember your confidence
  • The Dirty-Dozen red flags of non-confidence you must avoid waving

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When: Thursday October 22, 2009 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST (New York Time)

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"Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated the fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery."

Carol Ford, Training and Development Specialist
Bombardier Aerospace

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  3. George Torok coaches business leaders to deliver million-dollar presentations.
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Client Review: "helped us secure a $10 million project"

"You demonstrated to us how to cut a 60-minute rambling presentation, into a 12-minute clear, concise and focused presentation that helped us secure a $10 million project."

Sam Kohn, President, Kubik

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