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Hundreds of presentation tips and public speaking articles packed with practical advice and examples on how you can speak with impact. You may read, print and distribute these articles. You may also reprint them at no charge if you honour the conditions shown. Be sure to keep the bio and contact line intact. Give credit as shown to George Torok - the Speech Coach for Executives.

Published April 3, 2013  Your Words Determine Your Business Results (492 words)
Language determines Discussion.
Discussion determines Relationships.
Relationships determine Business.
Alan Weiss

read more
3 Ways to Better Engage Your Audience with Questions (527 words)
Questions engage in ways that statements do not. Are you taking full advantage of the three types of questions in your presentation? Use these three types of questions to better engage your audience throughout the presentation. read more
How to Answer Questions from Your Audience: The Seven Step Formula (652 words)
Your audience might have some questions about your presentation. You might want them to ask questions because that demonstrates interest in your presentation message.

Answering questions from your audience can help you be more effective as a presenter. The question and answer session can portray you as confident, reveal your depth of knowledge and enhance the rapport between you and your audience – if you handle it well. read more
Can Toastmasters Help You Be a Better Public Speaker? (530 words)
I joined Toastmasters to improve my presentation skills. I was a member for seven years. During that time I actively participated in meetings, on the executive, in public speaking contests and in the promotion of membership. I contributed articles, letters and tips regularly to Toastmaster Magazine. I presented at officer training programs, regional conferences and at two international conferences. read more
Cheap Presentation Skills Training: 3 Options for You (768 words)
You know that communication and presentation skills are important. Almost every job ad asks for superior communication skills. Perhaps you want to improve your own career success but your funds for training or coaching are low or non-existent. read more
Presentation Training: How to Select Your Presentation Skills Trainer (681 words)
It's a critical decision to select the best presentation skills trainer for your team.

It's a critical decision to select the right presentation skills trainer for your team. Here are practical tips and questions you should be asking of your prospective presentation skills trainer. read more
How to Open Your Presentation with Commanding Attention (665 words)
You have a few seconds to set the tone for your presentation. A good start paves the road to success while a weak opening can slam shut the door to success. read more
Spice Up Your Presentation with Quotations (596 words)
Add one or a few quotations to your presentation to make it more entertaining and insightful. Your quotation might spur your listeners to think or laugh. Sprinkle lightly like pepper. Use a quotation that emphasizes or clarifies your message. read more
Sales & Marketing Executives versus 12-year-olds (693 words)
Recently I listened to a group of senior sales and marketing executives speak at a networking meeting. I also served as a judge at a speech contest for 12-year-olds. These two unrelated events prompted me to compare the presentation skills of each group. read more
Presentation Crisis: How a Quote, Cartoon and Story Could Save Your Career (628 words)
The "Six Blind Men and the Elephant" saved my job. Facts might not be enough to convince people of your message. Try using visuals such as charts or cartoons, or physical props such as products or tools. Verbal props come in several forms: quotations from famous people, anecdotes, plays, poems or even questions. The following is a true report of how I used my new-found communication skills and a combination of props to get me out of hot water with my company's auditors. read more
The "One Thing" to be a Powerful Presenter: Pause (601 words)
What is the one thing that you can do to make your presentation more powerful and effective? Pause – more often and more dramatically. The most difficult thing to do is often the one thing that separates the masters from the masses. That’s true of many pursuits. For example, the hardest thing in personal growth is to know oneself. Similarly the most difficult presentation skill is pausing – to stop talking and say nothing. read more
8 Powerful Public Speaking Tips (589 words)
When it's your turn to stand up and speak to an audience, whether it is a room of five or an auditorium of hundreds, you can speak confidently and effectively when you use these eight powerful public speaking tips. read more
How to Speak & Present Without Notes (554 words)
Why would you want to speak without notes? Because you will look more confident and knowledgeable about your topic. You will hold the attention and respect of your audience as they recognize that you know your topic well. Here are three techniques that you can use to deliver your presentation without notes or at least fewer more
Top 10 Tips on How to Open Your Speech (818 words)
You have a few seconds to engage your audience at the beginning of your presentation. What should you do to ensure a successful opening to your speech? How can you start your speech with greater success?

Imagine that you are at NASA mission control. The launch countdown echoes in your ears: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Speak! read more
9 Simple Tips for Better Presentations (551 words)
Make your next presentation more effective. Use these nine simple yet powerful presentation tips and techniques to enjoy better results when you speak before an more
Presentation Success: How You Can Own the Room (688 words)
A successful presentation starts with the presenter owning the room. When you know and own the room, you will be a more powerful and confident presenter. That leads to more successful presentations for you. What can you do to own the room? read more
  Business Speaker is a Thief (561 words)
How would you like that to be the news headline after your next business speech? Business speakers and companies need to be more aware of what intellectual property they might be stealing.
Sometimes good people steal without realizing it - especially intellectual property. However ignorance has never been a valid legal nor ethical defense. Of course stupidity and arrogance are not acceptable arguments either. read more
12 Suicide Pills for the Business Presenter
How to deliver a career-ending presentation today
(712 words)
Do you hate your job and want to be fired tomorrow? One sure way to move to the front of the line for dismissal is to deliver a suicide-pill presentation. Use any one or more of the following methods to deliver your career ending presentation. Use these presentation tips today and say hello to unemployment tomorrow. read more
Why are conference speakers so bad? (776 words)
It was horrible. I watched the speakers at the conference. Their presentations were bad, very bad. They were boring, annoying and insulting. I left the room several times because I couldn’t stand it.

As the closing keynote speaker I wanted to hear as much as possible from the other speakers so I could tie things together in my presentation. So I forced myself to watch and listen. Cleary these weren’t professional speakers. What did they do wrong? read more
Too much information – not enough time (821 words)
How to deliver your management report clearly by saying less

You have been asked to present a report to management. You have two hours worth of information but only 20 minutes to speak. What a dilemma! How do you get your message across? How will you decide what to leave out? And will management punish you for leaving something out? read more
Establish Your Believability (820 words)
Credibility + Trust = Believability
To be believable you must be credible and have the trust of your audience. If you do not have credibility, no one will listen. If you have credibility but your audience does not trust you they will not believe you. read more
Smile - say cheese (348 words)
Do you remember the photographer saying that? It might have sounded corny – but it worked. Smile for the camera. Why? Because you always look better when you smile. In fact the best beauty secret is not a cream or lotion – it is a smile. It looks better for a picture and it looks better for your presentation. read more
Master the pause – it will make you a master (451 words)
The hardest thing is to know oneself. Similarly the most difficult communication skill is silence. The two are related. Both require incredible self-discipline and self-confidence. To know oneself you need to ask some difficult questions and tolerate the discomfort of uncertainty. To master the pause you must... read more
Presentation Power does not come from PowerPoint (1144 words)
How do you present yourself with power? Don't be fooled by the name. There is no implied power in PowerPoint. Have you noticed how many presenters use PowerPoint and do not have power? That should be your first clue. PowerPoint is easy-to-use software. It seduces you into believing. read more
Boardroom Presentations: Sweat Like a Horse (825 words)
Maybe you heard that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. But in the boardroom everyone who presents sweats - profusely. If you are in management or want to be, you will need to present in the boardroom. This is the worst place to present. And there are techniques you can follow to be more successful in the boardroom... read more
Presentation Skills Success (3473 words)
How to prepare, write, rehearse and deliver your speech, presentation or public speaking program from the “Speech Coach for Executives” – George Torok. Your presentation is the vehicle for delivering your message and to create results. A successful presentation is one that moves people to action. You know it was a success if... read more
How to write your speech in five minutes (569 words)
"We need you to say a few words." You are attending a business or association meeting, when out of the blue, the meeting chair asks you to say a few words. How do you get through this? Follow this sure-fire process to write your speech in five minutes or less... read more
10 Power Tips for Presentations with Computer Projection (815 words)
When was the last time you sat through a terrible presentation using computer projection? When was the last time you gave one? If you want to avoid disaster and give your career a boost then apply these ten tips the next time you. more
10 Dynamite Tips on Presenting with Overhead Projectors (694 words)
It's medium tech but it still works. Use these tips when you might need to present with an overhead projector.
1. Stand on the "right" side. If you are right-handed, the overhead projector should be on your right as you face the audience. If you are left-handed, the projector should. more
The Power of the Pause (325 words)
When you don't know what to do, what should you do? Pause and smile. Imagine that you are speaking to a crowded room of eager listeners. Suddenly your mind goes blank - you forget what you just said, and what comes next. If you speak in public this will happen to you. You've seen it happen to others, they stammer and sputter and even apologise. What should you do? more
When You have Something Important to Say (415 words)
When you are presenting a report to your management, a proposal to the committee or changes to your staff they are not hanging on your every word. When you get to the key points - you want them to listen, believe and remember. Use these techniques to give your words impact. more
Establishing Rapport with Your Audience (369 words)
1.Never tell jokes. Jokes ridicule people and always alienate someone.
2.Tell self-deprecating funny stories. We trust people who have imperfect lives - like us. more
Handling Questions with Authority (577 words)
At some point in your presentation you will be expected to answer questions from your audience. They might have some burning questions that need to be answered before they buy into your message. Handling their questions with authority can make the difference for you between a successful more
Practical Speaking Tips: #1 (453 words) Drink Water
Before you give a speech, deliver a sales presentation or make phone calls - drink one to two glasses of water. It lubricates your vocal chords, helps your voice and gives you needed fluids that you lose while speaking. Lukewarm water is best. Cool water is OK. Ice water is not good for your vocal chords. Avoid dairy. more
Introduce Your Guest Speaker: (865 words) The Three P's of Power Introductions
"H - e - r - e - 's Johnny! There was something special about the way Ed McMahon introduced Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. The audience always knew what was coming yet they still cheered more
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