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Boardroom Presentations

Do boardroom presentations scare you?
Have you suffered through boring, annoying and painful boardroom presentations?
Would you like to see more effective boardroom presentations?

Stop painful boardroom presentations now
Help is available to deliver more effective, more productive and more comfortable boardroom presentations. George Torok, The Speech Coach for Executives, can show you how to shine in the boardroom.

Some important facts about boardroom presentations
Presenting in the boardroom is almost never pleasant.
A boardroom is a hostile presentation environment.
Most people dread boardroom presentations.

Some important questions that we can answer for you
Why are boardrooms so intimidating?
How can you present with more success in the boardroom?
What are the most common mistakes of boardroom presenters?

How can we help you?
Do you have an important boardroom presentation coming up?
Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your boardroom presentations?
Do you want your staff to stop embarrassing themselves in the boardroom?

What can you do now?
Contact George Torok, The Speech Coach for Executives.
Phone 905-335-1997

Articles and Tips on Boardroom Presentations

Boardroom Presentations: Sweat Like a Horse (825 words)
Maybe you heard that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. But in the boardroom everyone who presents sweats - profusely. If you are in management or want to be, you will need to present in the boardroom. This is the worst place to present. And there are techniques you can follow to be more successful in the boardroom... read more.

Win in the Boardroom with Donald Trump
Follow these 16 tips on how to win in the boardroom with Donald Trump. You can use these tips if you are on the Apprentice or in your own boardroom. The principles of effective boardroom presentations apply… read Win in the Boardroom with Donald Trump

Donald Trump in the Boardroom
Every president or CEO has their unwritten boardroom rules. The sooner you understand them the easier your life will be. Examine these rules from the Trump boardroom and see which apply to your boardroom… read Donald Trump in the Boardroom

Are you ready for help with your boardroom presentations?
Contact George Torok, The Speech Coach for Executives.
He has delivered many boardroom presentations and studied hundreds.

Stop the suffering in the boardroom. Start delivering more effective presentations now - inside and outside the boardroom.
boardroom presentations

boardroom presentations

George Torok presenting in the boardroom

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