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Insights & Quotes from George Torok on Presentation Skills

Enjoy, repeat and learn from these pithy quotes from George Torok, as delivered in his executive coaching, speeches and presentation skills training. They reflect the knowledge of principles, techniques and lessons gained from public speaking, keynote speaking and presentation training over the past decade. If you repeat these quotes then please give credit to George Torok as your source. You should credit the source for any quotation that you use.

Often a clever and well-placed quotation will add the needed spice and cement the memorability of your message.

Quotations work because they tap into the credibility and knowledge of the originator. They often capture the essence of the message in a crafty phrasing of words that resonates in the minds of your listeners. It is tough – if not impossible to beat William Shakespeare – but here are some quotations that you might enjoy and employ.

We judge your success by the confidence you exude.
You need a system to succeed. Talent is never enough.
You have all the confidence you will ever need inside of you. It may be hidden deep – you must give yourself permission to let it out.
The more we see you speak in public – the more we believe you to be a leader.
Public speaking is not a talent – it is a skill.
Your audience is always right in the way they feel and think.
If the speaker sends a message that the receiver does not understand – then who needs to change?
If you present yourself as perfect – we will not believe you and we will hate you. We like you when we see that you are imperfect like we are.
We love to hear stories. We don’t need another lecture. Just ask your kids.
The little voice in the back of your head will always find something wrong with you. But nobody else can hear that voice.
Murphy said that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy loves computers, especially PowerPoint presentations.
The only person who listens to every word of your speech is you.
You are lucky if you know that it is not about luck.
Your audience wakes up when you say ‘in closing my speech’.
On body language: Your body leaks messages.
A large person must smile more than a small person. When we see a large person frowning at us we are frightened. When we see a small person frowning – we think, “I can take him”.
Where should you put your hands when you speak? Keep them at the end of your arms – that’s where they belong.
PowerPoint is like your presentation suit. A good suit won’t make your presentation but a bad suit, like a bad PowerPoint, can kill your presentation.
If you show that you respect your time – others will respect you and your time.
The leaders we need today are those who can manage when things go wrong. Anybody can manage when things go right.
We admire most those who can make a comeback – who can get up from a stumble. We admire that more than one who has had a smooth sailing.
Your audience will remember how they felt about you. They will forget your name and your message.
Don’t sell what you don’t believe in – we will see through it. If you don’t believe in your message don’t attempt to sell it.
Breathe like a baby. When we were babies we instinctively knew how to breathe. We filled our diaphragm from the bottom.
If you breathe correctly you will project your voice, you will pause when you want to, not when you have to, and you will dispel the light-headedness caused by lack of oxygen.
Offer your audience hope – that’s what they want.
When you speak – believe that you are the expert to speak to this audience at this time on this topic. That is the only reason the audience is listening to you.
Forget the oopsies – when you make a mistake - correct and move on.
Smile when you start, when you finish and when you say something important.
People don’t buy from you when you bore them, annoy them, confuse them, or threaten them. But make them laugh and watch them buy.

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