Silly things that people post on their Linkedin profile

Silly Linkedin Profiles: Entrepreneur, innovator, visionary- and King of the World

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Another silly Linkedin profile. About
Entrepreneur, innovator, visionary, embracer of change elements, and pursuer of higher learning with tenacity, patience, and judgement in decision-making resulting in a great deal of stamina and resolve mentally and physically.

Entrepreneur – So What? Innovator – So What? What did you innovate? Visionary – So What? What does this mean?

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results driven professional

Are you a Results Driven Professional? Really?

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A results driven professional with business and human resources mangement experience in a global environment. What mistakes do you see with this opening statement on their profile?
You might notice that it’s full of vague terms. There’s nothing specific. What has this person accomplished? Nothing that we can see. It feels cliché and nothing grabs your attention.
It appears that they have written their profile to attract “click bait”. Key words that they believe recruiters might be looking for.
Nothing specific, nothing about their accomplishments. Simple click bait or so they hope.

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Build rapport with burnt toast

How to Build Rapport and Connect with Your Audience

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Do you want your message to resonate with your audience? The message is more likely to land well, be received and trusted if you have connected with your audience. They must know, like and trust you. How can you accomplish that? By building rapport rapidly near the beginning of your presentation.

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tell me about yourself communication skills

Tell Me About Yourself

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This was a question that was often asked in job interviews. I used to think that it was a lazy question from the interviewer. No imagination in posing that question. It was non- specific and vague. Then I realized that it might be a brilliant question because of the vagueness. The vagueness of the question would probably disrupt the comfort of the candidate. Let’s see how they handle this challenge.

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Introduce your guest speaker

How to Introduce your Guest Speaker – live or virtual

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Introduce Your Guest Speaker with Bravado
When you are asked to introduce a guest speaker, grab the opportunity because it’s a chance to practice your speaking skills and connect with the speaker.
An introduction is a mini speech. Remember you are not the star so don’t try to steal the stage from the guest speaker. The audience didn’t show up to listen to your introduction so don’t try to be the entertainment. The speaker will appreciate a warm and inviting introduction.

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How to pitch to a podcast host

If you want to be a guest on a podcast…

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If you want to be a guest on my podcast the most important question you need to answer is, “What will you do for me?” It’s not about you. When I receive a pitch in which every sentence starts with “I, me or my” you’re not talking about me and my interests. You didn’t grab my attention. What would grab my attention?

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What is the purpose of your presentation

A Successful Presentation Starts and Succeeds with a Clear Purpose

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I asked him to clarify the purpose of this presentation. That’s the first place for you to start when designing, reviewing and adapting your presentation. That’s also how you should measure the success of your presentation. He paused briefly to think about that, then started to ramble. I smiled and cut him off. “What do you want people to think, feel or do after your presentation?” I could see the light bulb go on in his mind.
Think, feel or do?

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