Find your stories

How to Find Your Stories

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How and where can you find stories to support your messages?

These stories are not the ones you tell to entertain your friends. These are stories to help you reinforce a point.

Tell your stories in conversations, meetings and presentations to be more effective in conveying your messages. You might wonder, “Where can I find my stories?”

The short answer is “All around you.”

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Tell your presentation story

Presentation Secret: Tell Your Story

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When you tell stories in your presentations you will sell more, persuade more effectively and enjoy greater results from your presentations. You’ll also feel better about speaking because story telling is more comforting than giving a speech.

Most of us would rather tell stories than give a speech. Ask someone to choose between telling a story or giving a speech guess what they will pick. While public speaking gets high rating as a fear, storytelling does not.

Include stories in your presentation because it helps you deliver your message. Follow this simple formula to make stories work for you.

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Presenting to difficult audience

Speaking to a Tough Audience? Difficult Speaking Challenge

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How do you manage when speaking to a tough and challenging audience? The first question might be, ‘How do you define a tough audience?” Is it tough when they don’t laugh at your jokes? Is that an audience that fails to actively participate in your group activities? It is a group of people who openly oppose your position and ideas? Are there a few disruptive people in the group who don’t want to play your silly games?

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