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John Robert Colombo and George Torok instructed the Effective Executive Speaking program for 12 years.

What did John Robert Colombo say about working with George?

“The two of us worked side-by-side to deliver courses at the American Management Association’s Canadian Management Centre in Toronto.

After a session with George, I find I have picked up at least one new fact (or novel approach) to a problem (or a possibility) in spoken (or written) communication. So I value our association over and above our work as a team.

One of George’s special talents is his ability to bring out the best in other people.

He is able to put his finger on the key passage of a speech or a report and right away find a better way to express it in words, tones, or gestures. He regularly works on a one-to-one basis with senior business managers and corporate executives to assist them in the drafting and the delivery of their messages in the most effective ways possible.

What surprises me the most about George is his ability “to turn a negative into a positive.”

Because of his background in business and marketing, and because of his experience as a course leader and an executive coach, he shows genius in taking an ordinary, neutral, or negative statement and immediately transforming it into a message of hope, power, or achievement.”


Effective Executive Speaking

Effective Executive Speaking training for Canadian Management Centre Toronto

Effective Executive Speaking at the Canadian Management Centre in Toronto with George Torok and John Robert Colombo.




John Robert Colombo is known as Canada’s Master Gather. He has edited, authored and/or published over 150 books. Colombo worked with George Torok delivering the three-day workshop, Effective Executive Presentations at the Canadian Management Centre in downtown Toronto, Canada. This program was the flagship course offered to executives at the Canadian Management Centre at the Toronto location. Colombo and Torok consistently received rave reviews.

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George Torok instructed the Effective Executive Speaking program for the Canadian Management Centre with John Robert Colombo for 12 years.

During that time they instructed and coached executives and senior management from hundreds of companies and dozens of industries.