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As an executive you might need and want to:

  • Get more
  • Get more done,
  • Get more done right,
  • Get more done right now!
  • Get more done right now — through others.

How can you make that happen?

The same way leaders have accomplished that all through history – by conveying simple, clear and effective messages. Although styles of leadership, management and presentation have changed – the principles have not. You need to have your message heard, understood and acted upon.

You as leader and coach

You can lead effectively by coaching, mentoring and modeling the behaviours you want from others. To succeed as a leader you must make things happen through others. They must hear you, understand you and believe you. And they must act on your message. You need to be a powerful presenter.

Speech Coaching for you

Just as you might guide and coach others to grow and achieve impressive results – you, as leader, need a coach to help you grow. With help you can deliver a powerful and convincing message in your speech, presentations and public speaking.

Your executive speech coach, George Torok, will demonstrate and coach you to speak confidently and effectively to make things happen when you speak. Don’t wing it – get a superior speech coach. Your messages are too important.


©George Torok is The Speech Coach for Executives and creator of Superior Presentations. He coaches executives and trains professionals to deliver Superior Presentations.

Executive Speech Coaching

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executive communication skills coaching








executive speaking skills coaching


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