How to Keep the Presentation Skills of Your Team Sharp

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You want your team ready to present well.

This can be a challenge especially if they’re not presenting frequently. Yet when a presentation opportunity arises, it’s important to deliver an effective presentation.

A team that plays a game every week will naturally practise every week. But a team that doesn’t know when the next game is might be seduced into skipping practice. Why practise if we don’t know when the next game is?

Imagine if firefighters operated that way. We haven’t had a fire for awhile so why practice?

Assume that the next opportunity to present or fight a fire could be tomorrow, with little notice. You want to be ready.

Mostly likely, it’s a sales presentation to a promising new client. You want to make a strong and positive impression and they want it tomorrow. Ensure your success by being ready – just like the firefighters. Do what they do – prepare.

Here’s one way to keep your presentation skills fresh.

Have one team member deliver a 3 to 5-minute presentation at every meeting. Then debrief the presentation. Review the content, structure and delivery. What worked well? What might be improved to be more effective?

Become supportive of each other. Offer constructive feedback. Take your presentation skills seriously because one day it will be serious.

If you want to be ready to roll and win – you need to practise.


How to keep the presentation skills of your team – both sharp and fresh?


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