How to be a good podcast guest Alex Sanfilippo

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How to be an attractive podcast guest: Alex Sanfilippo

How to be an attractive podcast guest

In this podcast episode, George Torok interviews Alex Sanfilippo, a successful entrepreneur who started his career selling used golf balls and eventually ventured into the world of podcasting.

They discuss the importance of providing value to listeners, the services offered by Sanfilippo's companies, Podcast SOP, and Pod Pros, and share tips for potential podcast guests. They also emphasize the importance of human connection in today's world and the role of authenticity in podcasting.

The conversation concludes with advice for business leaders considering podcasting as a way to share their message or build relationships.

How to build a stronger relationship with podcast hosts

The Purpose of Starting the Podcast [00:03:36] Alex discusses his initial purpose in starting his podcast, "Creating a Brand," and how it shifted from being self-focused to helping others.

The Importance of Providing Value to Listeners [00:05:46] Alex and George discuss the significance of offering value to podcast listeners and how it impacts the growth and success of a podcast.

Pitching Yourself as a Guest or Finding Guests [00:08:54] Alex and George talk about the common mistakes people make when pitching themselves as podcast guests or finding guests, and the key elements of successful pitching.

The importance of having a central place for information [00:10:17] Having a centralized location for all relevant information to easily share with others.

Tips for effective pitching [00:10:42] Leading with value, making a meaningful request, and offering credibility when pitching to potential podcast hosts.

The power of podcasting for businesses [00:15:07] Podcasting allows for building know, like, and trust factors with potential customers, leading to stronger relationships and conversions.

The importance of human connection in advertising [00:18:16] The speaker discusses the shift in consumer preferences towards wanting human connections in advertising rather than robotic and impersonal messages.

Being human as a podcast guest [00:19:05] The speakers emphasize the importance of being authentic, imperfect, and honest as a podcast guest, rather than being overly scripted or perfect.

Finding the right podcast to be a guest on [00:21:06] The speaker provides insights on how to identify the right podcast to be a guest on, including self-reflection, understanding the main message you want to share, and listening to podcasts to determine alignment.

The education side of Pod Pros [00:26:58] Pod Pros serves as a hub for all of their podcasting services and focuses on providing education to help people elevate their podcasting game.

Signs of a good host [00:29:51] George discusses how to determine if a podcast host is good by listening to their style, if they encourage guests, and if they actively listen and explore topics.

Start with why and don't overly invest [00:32:44] Alex advises business leaders to start with determining their purpose for podcasting and not to overly invest in expensive equipment. He also encourages targeting niche podcasts with a smaller audience for better engagement.

How did Alex Sanfilippo enter the world of podcasting?

From Golf Balls to Podcasting: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Alex Sanfilippo

Hello everyone! I'm excited to share with you the insights from my recent podcast episode where I had the pleasure of hosting George Torok and discussing my entrepreneurial journey. We delved into the world of podcasting, the importance of human connection, and how to be an effective podcast guest. Let's dive in!

The Three Phases of My Business Life

My entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of ten, selling used golf balls. This early venture sparked my interest in business, leading me to develop a video touring package for real estate professionals. Eventually, I ventured into real estate myself. However, the recession of 2007-2009 brought financial setbacks, forcing me to take a job in the aerospace industry.

After gaining valuable experience and climbing the corporate ladder, I returned to entrepreneurship and discovered the world of podcasting. I started my own podcast, "Creating a Brand," and later launched three services:, Podcast SOP, and Pod Pros. These platforms aim to connect podcast guests and hosts, provide standard operating procedures for podcasters, and offer educational services for aspiring podcast hosts and guests, respectively.

The Motivation Behind Starting a Podcast

When I first started my podcast, I'll admit, it was for selfish reasons. I wanted to increase my influence and promote my brand. However, I quickly realized that the focus should be on providing value to the listeners. George and I agreed that businesses, including podcasts, need to prioritize the quality of their products or services and genuinely help their audience. Shifting the focus from self-promotion to helping others can lead to significant growth and engagement.

The Power of and Pitching Tips

George praised for effectively connecting podcast guests and hosts. I shared some valuable tips for potential podcast guests, emphasizing the importance of having a place, like PodMatch, where all your information is readily available. This way, when reaching out to potential hosts, you can simply provide them with a link instead of bombarding them with a long list of details.

When it comes to pitching, I advise leading with value. Show genuine interest in the podcast and its audience. Listen to an episode and mention specific takeaways in your pitch. Make a meaningful request, clearly stating how you can add value to the podcast. Offering credibility is also crucial. Reference mutual connections or mention past speaking engagements or podcast appearances to establish credibility.

The Importance of Human Connection

George and I discussed the importance of human connection in today's world. We believe that people crave human connection and want to feel like they belong to something. As podcast hosts, we value guests who are authentic and imperfect. We want to hear guests stumble or have flaws because it makes them feel more human and honest.

Choosing the Right Podcast and Preparing as a Guest

When choosing the right podcast to be a guest on, think about your main message and how it can help people. Identify podcasts that align with your message and audience. Listen to podcasts to understand the audience and ensure alignment before reaching out to hosts.

The Services Offered by Pod Pros

Pod Pros serves as a hub for all of our products and services, with a focus on education in the podcasting industry. The goal is to help individuals on both sides of the microphone elevate their podcasting game and have a bigger impact on the world.

Handling Bad Questions and Advice for Business Leaders

Handling bad questions as a guest can be tricky. I suggest turning around a bad question by answering it quickly and redirecting the conversation back to the host or bringing up a related question.

For business leaders considering podcasting as a way to share their message or build relationships, start with a strong why and understand the value and potential impact of podcasting. Don't overly invest in expensive equipment and focus on niche podcasts that have an ideal audience for your business.

I hope you found these insights valuable. Remember, the key to successful podcasting is providing value, making genuine connections, and being authentically you. Happy podcasting!