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Deliver High Stakes Presentations: Ed Tate

In this episode of the "Your Intended Message" podcast, host George Torok interviews Ed Tate, a world champion of public speaking and certified speaking professional.

Ed shares his journey to becoming a world champion, his motivation for joining Toastmasters, and the importance of video in improving public speaking skills.

He emphasizes the need for self-awareness and audience focus, shares tips for overcoming nervousness, and discusses the power of storytelling in business presentations.

Ed also offers a free clarity assessment for high-stakes presentations. His key message for business presenters is to focus on continuous improvement.

High Stakes Presentations

The journey to becoming a world champion [00:02:33]
Ed explains how he became a world champion of public speaking through his involvement in Toastmasters and the year-long competition.

Overcoming childhood challenges [00:06:22]
Ed shares his experience as a stutterer and how he used public speaking and broadcasting to overcome his challenges and gain confidence.

Lessons from Toastmasters [00:09:33]
Ed discusses the importance of overcoming the fear of public speaking, using video recordings to improve, and the mindset needed to deliver a strong business presentation.

The importance of video for public speaking improvement [00:11:23]
Video recording presentations in Toastmasters helped improve public speaking skills and highlighted areas for improvement.

The impact of appearance on public speaking [00:12:37]
Seeing himself on video, the speaker realized that his serious and cold appearance was not effective in connecting with the audience.

The power of stories in business presentations [00:20:57]
Stories are more memorable than data and statistics, and wrapping data around a story makes it 22 times more memorable.

The power of storytelling [00:23:06]
The benefits of using storytelling in business presentations, including building reputation and making your message memorable.

The importance of repeating stories [00:24:08]
Why it's important to repeat certain stories in presentations, using the analogy of favorite songs that people want to hear again.

Free clarity assessment offer [00:25:56]
Ed Tate's offer to provide a free 20-minute clarity assessment to help presenters improve their message and make it more memorable.

The Power of Public Speaking: Insights from World Champion Ed Tate

What is Toastmasters?

What can we learn about Toastmasters and more importantly the journey to become a world champion speaker?

Listen to Ed Tate, a world champion of public speaking, a certified speaking professional, and a proud father of two. Today, I'd like to share some of the key insights from our enlightening conversation.

The Journey to Becoming a World Champion

Ed's journey to becoming a world champion of public speaking is nothing short of inspiring. He won the prestigious title through a year-long competition organized by Toastmasters International, an organization dedicated to improving individuals' confidence and public speaking skills. Ed credits a member of his local Toastmasters club for encouraging him to enter the competition, a decision that significantly changed his life and career trajectory.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Ed's motivation for joining Toastmasters was deeply personal. He had been a stutterer since childhood and wanted to overcome the fear of being made fun of or bullied. Despite these challenges, Ed took on various speaking roles, such as a news anchor and a disc jockey, which helped him build his confidence and communication skills.

The Importance of Practice and Self-Awareness

Ed shared some invaluable insights on public speaking and the importance of video in improving one's skills. He emphasized that speaking is an active skill that requires practice and rehearsal in front of people, not just in one's head. He also stressed the importance of self-awareness and the need to see ourselves on video to understand how we come across to others.

Coaching Young Recruits

Ed's coaching experience with a famous pharmaceutical company's young recruits revealed his approach to public speaking. He advises them to focus on knowing their content well and improving the audience's condition rather than worrying about their age or background. He encourages young speakers to be audience-focused and not self-centered, as this is the key to overcoming nervousness.

The Power of Storytelling in Business Presentations

Ed shared a compelling story about the power of storytelling in business presentations. He emphasized that by creating engaging stories, presenters can become people of interest and build a reputation that makes clients want to hear from them repeatedly. He also highlighted the importance of memorizing the opening and closing of a presentation to boost confidence.

The Stickiness and Memorability of Storytelling

Ed recalled a time when he was the keynote speaker for the California Teachers Association three years in a row, delivering the same topic and stories each time. This experience made Ed realize the stickiness and memorability of storytelling. He compared this to how people always want to hear their favorite singers perform their hits. Similarly, presenters have their own "hits" or stories that resonate with their audience.

A Special Offer from Ed Tate

Ed is offering a free 20-minute clarity assessment for those planning high-stakes presentations. During this assessment, Ed can provide ideas on how to present ideas effectively and make messages memorable.

One Key Message for Business Presenters

In closing, Ed's key message for business presenters is to focus on improving the audience's condition. This means understanding their needs, concerns, and interests, and tailoring your message to address these points.

Remember, public speaking is a journey, and every step you take brings you closer to becoming a more confident and effective communicator.

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