President says silly things on Linkedin profile – nonsense

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People say silly and ridicules things in their Linkend profile.

This is an example of both silly and ridicules.

Would you hire this person? Would you even invite this person to have a conversation?

The Linkedin profile is vague, cliché  and lacking in accomplishments.

This could easily be text that was lifted from a university text book.

Notice that not a single accomplishment is stated nor measured.

How far did you get in reading this profile without stopping for a rest?

Let’s examine some of the pieces. Not all because its so ridiculous.


Provide leadership to position our company at the forefront of our industry by “clock building, not time telling”.

There are appear to be two concepts proposed here, positioning the company and something about clocks.

Tell us the truth. What does forefront mean? Are you number one, two or three in the industry? Or are you in the top 100?

I don’t understand the nonsense about clocks and time. Was that a phrase that you read somewhere? Do you know what it means?


Develop strategic plans to advance the Company’s mission and objectives to promote revenue, profitability, and market share gain.

Revenue, profitability and market share? What the numbers? Show me the money!


Map out ABC Corp’s SMaC recipe for success by fanatical discipline, empirical creativity, and productive paranoia.

What does this mean? What were the results?

Fanatical discipline sounds like a cult. By the way, discipline and creativity don’t go well together. Empirical creativity? Huh? Productive paranoia? You thought that alliteration would seem cute or clever.


Develop, instill, and follow our core values daily by every employee.

You developed the core values for the company? Are you the founder? You haven’t mentioned that.

You instilled the core values into every employee? How did you do that? Like a vaccine? You believe that every employee follows the core values every day? Why do you believe that? What’s your evidence? Is there more that two employees?


Oversee company operations to ensure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources.

Are the CEO or the operations manager?


Identify acquisition and merger opportunities and direct implementation activities.

What acquisitions did you pursue? How many were successful? How do you know? What are the numbers?

Are you saying that you attended the high school dance and identified people you wanted to dance with …but?


I believe you get the point by now.

Be clear. Be specific. Tell us about results and give us the numbers.

Lets ignore the rest because it’s simply more of the same nonsense and it’s boring.

CEO says silly things on Linkedin profile

Silly things the president said on the Linkedin profile








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results driven professional






Why do people say such silly things in their Linkedin profiles?

I welcome your thoughts.



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