Influence, inspire and lead successfully when you convey your message with greater power.

Deliver a critical presentation

Deliver a critical presentation

You have a pending presentation that can make a significant difference – win or lose.

We can help you shape the presentation, craft the content and transform your delivery.

Imagine how you will feel when you can enter the arena with the power of a champion.

Boost your public speaking skils

Boost your public speaking skills

You need to speak to groups to achieve more success.

You face some challenges, or you simply want to take it to a higher level.

Imagine the results when you can speak more confidently, more clearly and more concise.

Become aware of and in control of distractions and flaws that can sabotage your message.

Build oral communication skills

Build oral communication skills

You and/or others might be frustrated with your attempts at communication.

Enjoy more productive one-to-one conversations – with staff, peers and superiors.

Contribute more comfortably, effectively and efficiently within group meetings.

Become more successful when persuading and guiding others.

How can we meet?

In Person at your Location

This is the most effective way because we meet face-to-face. A coaching session might be as short as 90 minutes or up to ½ day. It’s possible to meet for a full day but be forewarned – a full-day of coaching can be exhausting for both of us.


We can meet using phone, or Zoom. This method has three benefits: Scheduling is usually more convenient because we don’t need to travel and we can schedule shorter sessions, typically 30 to 55 minutes. The third benefit is that this option requires a smaller investment because of the reduced travel and time commitment.

Combined Approach

We can combine the methods of meeting with a program that integrates both in-person and online coaching. This works well when we work together over several months.

Ready to get started? Call George: 905-335-1997

Ready to get started?

Call George!

How Long Will it Take?

It depends on the situation, the challenges and the goal.

Many clients have achieved their results with one coaching session. Some situations require more. A few clients work with George Torok before every critical presentation to ensure the best results.

If you want transformative results in boosting your skills, it’s best to work over three to six months.

You decide. You can arrange for one coaching session and then consider your choices.

Here's what George's clients are saying

  • You demonstrated to us how to cut a 60-minute rambling presentation into a 12-minute clear, concise and focused presentation that helped us secure a $10 million project.

    Sam Kohn, CEO Kubik
  • crank up my presentaiton

    George worked with me, helping me crank my presentation skills up a notch. He provided candid critique and most-valuable suggestions. George is a very clear thinker and an excellent observer of people. I really look forward to future sessions with George.

    Rick Baker, P. Eng, CEO Spirited Leaders Corporation
  • communication coach

    George was my communication coach for a year. He helped me organize my 1-on-1s with my peers and gave me effective tips to prepare and to deliver my main message during meetings. I highly recommend him.

    Mohsen Shahini, Founder, Top Hat
  • Health Care executive

    Your coaching proved to be an effective “just-in-time” learning for me. During our session you were able to observe my communication style and presentation format and provide me with targeted strategies that I could easily apply.

    I have found that my approach to presentations has become more effective and productive! I am using the digital voice recorder to provide me with feedback as you had recommended. I am amazed at the effect that one coaching session has had.

    Bianca Stern, Director Occupational Therapy. Baycrest Centre
  • Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated that fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery.

    Carol Ford, Training and Development, Bombardier Areospace
  • public speaking coach

    Thanks for your time and professional guidance extended to me prior to my recent public speaking engagement. The audience consisted of several different nationalities with varying (and often conflicting) opinions. Your helpful direction allowed me to confidently and effectively deliver the message. It’s appreciated.

    Dale Armstrong, CEO, Armstrong International Movers

It starts with a phone call

Call George Torok. 905-335-1997

Call George!

If you reach voice mail, please leave your message.

The first step is a no-charge, no-obligation phone conversation so I can understand your challenge, goals and expectations. During that call we can explore whether we are a good fit for each other. That’s critical for effective coaching. We need to respect and trust each other.

Then you decide how you want to proceed.