Who Will Tell the CEO that the Presentation was Lousy?

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Everyone makes mistakes when speaking. The problem arrives when the CEO or business leader makes consistent and persistent mistakes while speaking.

How might you as CEO or team leader make less speaking mistakes? Learn from the mistakes of others. Review this compilation of CEO and leadership presentation mistakes that you can avoid.  Study this post and learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t repeat them. Does that make sense?

One of the problems is that no one will tell the CEO about their lousy presentation skills. If you are the team leader or CEO and want honest feedback to improve your presentation skills, contact me for honest and constructive feedback.

What will your team say when you ask for feedback?

Boss you were awesome, just fantastic.


Review my comments about these presentations and take the lessons to improve your presentations.

Who will tell the truth to the CEO about their presentation?


rubber chicken luncheon speaker mistakes

The Chicken was better than the Speech because the CEO Read His Speech

What a disappointment. The speaker had an impressive history of accomplishments excellence in both public service and entrepreneurship. Plus, he had served the university in many roles over several decades. This was clearly a fascinating person with inspiring stories to share.

You might imagine that he would share fascinating and engaging stories, anecdotes and personal lessons for the audience.

That’s why I attended the university alumni luncheon to hear this speaker.

Instead, he parked himself behind the lectern and dutifully read the speech that someone else wrote for him. Clearly the speech writer wanted to demonstrate his vocabulary by including several ten-dollar words. That doesn’t enhance comprehension, rapport or trust.

Occasionally the speaker shifted his stance, planted his hands in his pockets then withdrew them a few minutes later. It looked like nerves not intent. That is not making effective use of body language to support your message.

This speech was a disaster.

The CEO read his speech and it was boring.


CEO stumbled through the close to the speech

Oops How was I Supposed to Close My Speech?

The CEO of the advertising agency delivered the opening keynote speech at the marketing conference. He seemed like an appropriate choice. His career in the industry was impressive and the company he founded was enjoying industry buzz. You would be right in thinking that this would be an enjoyable and informative presentation.

His presentation offered entertaining case reviews from the world of advertising. A few of those campaigns were produced by his company. Like many marketing speakers, he also included at least one Apple story. That felt a like Deja vu. Still, his insights were noteworthy – if not original.


A disaster closing to this mediocre speech from this CEO.

PS: He was the opening speaker for the day and was 1 hour late.

The CEO didn’t know how to close his speech because he wasn’t prepared.


speaking mistakes the CEO can avoid

Why did the CEO say that?

Nonsense from the CEO

Was the CEO aware of the nonsense she was spouting? Why was she speaking vague and obscure words? What was the purpose of her statement? Why was she speaking in cliches and jargon? What was the intended message? Who wrote this drivel and why did the CEO speak it? Why would a CEO speak in such vague terms? What was she afraid of?

A disaster statement from this CEO.


This CEO cluttered the message with meaningless cliches and jargon instead of specifics.


Worst presentation ever from Harvard professor

Worst Presentation from Business Leader

This was the worst presentation I’ve ever witnessed from a business leader. He was a best selling author and former Harvard professor. What mistakes did he make? How did he offend his audience? Why did I want to strangle him?

As you can imagine it was a painful presentation to endure. That was a shame because he was intelligent and educated and had a valuable message to deliver – yet, it was a painful presentation to endure.

This presentation was so bad that I wrote three blog posts about the mistakes. Read them and avoid them.

This was a presentation disaster of epic proportions.

This business leader did not demonstrate respect for the audience.


Who will tell the CEO that the presentation is lousy?

George Torok will tell the truth to the CEO and how to improve the presentation.

Speak the truth to the CEO


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