Why is Public Speaking Important to You?

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If you’re talking and someone else is listening, it’s public speaking.

Why do you speak? Who do you present to? How might that help your career or business? What do you hope to achieve? What would it mean to be more effective as a public speaker? Why is public speaking important to you?

The Competition

Every time you speak, you compete for the attention, belief and influence of your audience. Your competition might be an alternate supplier or another presenter. Most often the toughest competition is the swarm of distractions within the mind of your listener.

Whether you speak to an audience of one or 10,000 you are responsible for delivering your message in the most productive way. It’s not enough for you to simply say what you think or feel. You are responsible for doing everything possible to obtain the desired result.

That means that you must treat every public speaking opportunity as a competition. That means that you prepare, rehearse and put your whole self into the competition.

Your effort might be guided by the importance of  this particular result or the value of your message to this audience.

The Value

What is the value of effective communication? That depends on what you risk losing or hope to gain. What’s at stake when you deliver a poor message? What’s at stake with you deliver an effective message?

If you recognize the difference and the value of the difference – what’s stopping you from delivering more effective presentations when you speak in public?


Value of public speaking

Why is Public Speaking Important to You?

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