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Your Intended Message is the podcast about how we communicate – mistakes we can avoid and how we can communicate more effectively.

Think about the last time you had a message go wrong. You didn’t know why. The receiver of your message didn’t get it or they reacted weirdly and you had no idea what their problem was. That’s the challenges that this podcast will address. Every week, I’ll interview experts on different aspects of communication skills.

We’ll explore what’s not working, what might work better and the context you need to view around your communication. When messages go wrong, it might be you, your message or them. What can you do to improve your opportunity to deliver your intended message more successfully?

Communication is perhaps our most valuable skills as humans yet we still get it wrong. This podcast examines how we might become more successful communicators.

Here’s a sampling of guests on the podcast Your Intended Message.

CEO communication skills

Leadership communication skills with your team

The leader of the organization builds stronger teams with regular communication with the team.

In this discussion we explore the power and techniques of the monthly one-to-one meeting with the direct reports of the CEO, president, General manager or managing director.

If you want to build an A team – you must communicate with them regularly. Don’t leave them in the dark. Talk to your key people regularly.

Listen to this interview with John Wilson, CEO and Founder of CEO Global Network.







Executives Leadership

Peter Legge on leadership

Peter Legge is chairman of Canada Wide Media Limited, a multimillion-dollar magazine publishing company in western Canada.

He is a company leader, successful salesperson, keynote speaker and author of 23 books. He knows how to communicate effectively with the written word and the spoken word.

In this interview we talk about the power of words and the effective use of stories. Notice how Peter tells stories throughout this interview to convey his intended message.

Peter had been recognized for his philanthropic work with among other awards – The Order of British Columbia. His speaking skills have been recognized by Toastmasters International with their Golden Gavel Award. His professional speaking has been recognized by the National Speakers Association of the USA with their CPAE designation.

Listen to the interview with Peter Legge here.





Presentation skills with Patricia Fripp

Executive Speech Coach Patrica Fripp

Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp offers advice to leaders in finding and telling their stories because stories connect with listeners and make your message memorable.

In the world of professional speaking, Patricia is considered a rock star.

Listen to the interview with Patrica Fripp here.







Wayne Lee

In this episode we talked about how to be better at influencing others and especially about how to program yourself for success. Imagine mastering the power of positive self talk. When you visualize your goals – you can see the path to success.

As a peak performance expert, Wayne Lee awakens audiences to their full potential. For 20+ years, Wayne has helped over 6,000 global organizations achieve sustainable peak performance through a positive mindset, collective alignment and the power to overcome what seemed impossible yesterday.

Listen to this interview with Wayne Lee on the podcast Your Intended Message






crisis communication with Terry Flyn

Crisis Communication with Terry Flynn

In this interview with Terry Flynn, we discussed communication during a crisis in particular – how to prepare and how to respond.

Terry Flynn talks about three corporate crisis – the Tylenol poisoning of 1982, the Walkerton ecoli outbreak of 2000 and the Maple Leaf listeriosis outbreak of 2008.

He extracts lessons from these crises for business leaders and entrepreneurs. How to be more authentic and credible during a crisis and how you might emerge better than you were before the challenge.

Also notice that he used the term “New Normal” in this interview which was conducted in Dec 2013.

Listen to this interview with Terry Flynn on Your Intended Message.





Listen to the podcast, Your Intended Message, to learn more about how we communicate, the mistakes we make and how to improve your communication skills on various levels.


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