Transform your communication skills and boost your success.

Confident public speaking

Project More Confidence

Feel more confident and you’ll appear more authentic. Radiate confidence and people will listen more attentively. Control the memory lapses that disrupt your thoughts. Manage the ebbs and spikes of confidence levels.

Executive Coaching Benefits - Hold attention when presenting

Grab & Hold Attention

Discover how to effectively grab attention, connect with the audience and engage them throughout the presentation. Attention spans are short, and you need to fight the distractions. Become an attention magnet.

Executive Coaching Benefits - Persuade & move to action

Persuade and Move to Action

You speak to persuade. Learn how to consistently deliver a presentation that moves people to act. Get the desired results from your presentation. Land the important contract, inspire your team, enhance your opportunities.

Executive Coaching Benefits - be understood when public speaking

Be Clearly Understood

Sending a message isn’t enough. You can’t put a coded note in a bottle and hope it gets through. Your message must be received, clearly understood and relevant. Send the message on multiple channels and connect with the audience.

Executive Coaching Benefits - effective business presentations

Be Effective and Memorable

Deliver your key points to ensure they are remembered, repeated and resonating with the audience. Develop the techniques to reinforce your key points. Make your message meaningful, timely and purposeful.

Executive Coaching Benefits - Handle questions with authority

Handle Questions with Authority

Master the three best ways to use questions to your advantage. Adjust the timing, structure and flow of the question period to be more productive. Learn how to handle interruptions, hecklers and difficult questions.

Present with multimedia PowerPoint

Present well with Multimedia

Be aware of and avoid the painful mistakes that many presenters commit when using slides. Design and test slides to complement your message. Integrate your slides and video as visual enhancements to your message.

Executive Coaching Benefits - Prepare your presentation

Be Better Prepared

The greatest presentation sin is not preparing enough. Learn a simple process to prepare your presentation faster. Develop habits to rehearse more effectively and efficiently. Follow a system to review and prepare for the unexpected.

These are some of the key benefits and skills we can address.

Do you have other communication or presentation concerns that you want to address?
That's okay, because the coaching is focused on your specific situation, challenges and goals.
  • bring out the best

    One of George’s special talents is his ability to bring out the best in other people. He is able to put his finger on the key passage of a speech or a report and right away find a better way to express it in words, tones, or gestures.

    John Robert Colombo, C.M. D. Litt., President, Colombo & Company
  • Sales presentations

    We have contracted the services George offers on multiple occasions. We have found George to be excellent in assisting us in focusing our message and delivering a knockout presentation. I truly believe George has been very instrumental in us landing some very large projects.

    Elliot Kohn, COO, Kubik
  • Best public speaking coach

    George Torok is the best public speaking and presentation coach I have ever experienced for three reasons:

    1. His first-hand knowledge goes deep with his 25 years of successful experience
    2. His ability to give timely and honest, candid feedback
    3. He really cares about you and sincerely wants you to get better

    John Wilson, Founder & CEO, CEO Global Network
  • public speaking coach

    Thanks for your time and professional guidance extended to me prior to my recent public speaking engagement. The audience consisted of several different nationalities with varying (and often conflicting) opinions. Your helpful direction allowed me to confidently and effectively deliver the message. It’s appreciated.

    Dale Armstrong, CEO, Armstrong International Movers