Meet George

Executive Speech Coach, Best Selling Author, Award-winning Radio Show Host

Shy & Introverted Student

George Torok was a shy and introverted student who learned how to speak up and become a powerful public speaker. He wasn’t a natural. That means that he appreciates how you might feel about your presentation challenges.

Why does he help others?

George Torok is on a mission to help business leaders communicate more effectively because he’s experienced the frustration of poor communication and the joy of successful communication. And he believes the world will be a better place if we could communicate more effectively.

Proven Track Record

George has been speaking, training and coaching for over 25 years. A best-selling author, he's written over 500 articles and six ebooks. He's contributed to 12 other books.

Radio Show Host

As host of the weekly radio show, Business In Motion, for 19 years, George interviewed over 600 community and business leaders. He learned how to encourage engaging conversation.

That means he knows how to ask good questions and listen.

Podcast Host

George hosts the podcast, Your Intended Message, the podcast about how we communicate and how to do it better. Listen to the conversations with communication experts as we decode our messaging.


George helps you shape the whole message. Your delivered message is a blend of intended and unintended messages. The result is a combination of your words, voice, body language, props, slides, setting, timing and more...

And George has. what some call a charming sense of humor. Some call him silly. He's okay with that because he's entertaining and he has fun.

World Class

George was a guest speaker at the Toastmasters International Conference - twice. He's spoken at three of the national conferences of the Global Speakers Federation - Canada, USA and UK, His bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing, was published in seven countries. The podcast has an international audience and featured guests from 14 countries. His travels have taken him to 30 countries on five continents.

Executive speech coach George Torok
  • Most speakers would deliver a more powerful message if they said less.
  • The leaders we need today are those who can manage when things go wrong. Anybody can manage when things go right.
  • Breathe like a baby. When we were babies, we instinctively knew how to breathe. We filled our diaphragm from the bottom.
  • Forget the oopsies – when you make a mistake – correct and move on.
  • You have all the confidence you will ever need inside of you. It might be hidden deep. You must give yourself permission to let it out.
  • If the speaker sent a message that the receiver didn’t understand – who needs to change?
  • If you portray yourself as perfect – we won’t believe you and we might hate you. We’ll like and trust you when we can see that you’re imperfect like us.
  • PowerPoint is like your presentation suit. A good suit won’t make your presentation successful. A bad suit can destroy your presentation.
  • You need to follow a system to succeed. Raw talent is never enough.
  • The more we see you speak in public – the more we believe you to be a leader.

Here's what George's clients are saying

  • Feedback from directors:
    I loved the course! Absolutely brilliant. I am also glad that it was a small session and we received a lot of personal attention.”
    The best presentation skills training I’ve been on. He was good and the course was well organized.

    Carol Ford, Training and Development, Bombardier Aerospace
  • I have known George for almost 20 years and every time he is in the room when I give a presentation he gives me candid straightforward feedback on how I can get better.. His insights are invaluable.

    I highly recommend him to the CEOs and Executives who want to improve their communications skills.

    John Wilson, Founder & CEO, CEO Global Network
  • speech in Budapest

    Thank you for your assistance and direction. My speech in Budapest was very successful. I received lots of positive feedback. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    Dale Armstrong, CEO, Armstrong International Movers

How else can George help you?

Training programs for your teams.
Engaging keynotes - ideal for your corporate meeting or association conference.
Interview your CEO or leaders to help deliver powerful messages to your team
Facilitate a panel discussion with your leadership