Unleashing the power of persistence in communication

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Mastering communication through repetition and perseverance: Jeff Blackman

In this podcast episode, our host George Torok sits down with Jeff Blackman, a renowned speaker, author, success coach, and lawyer. Together, they delve into the fascinating topic of repetition and perseverance in communication, drawing from Jeff's personal experience of overcoming a speech impediment.

Jeff stresses the importance of consistently reinforcing your message to make a lasting impact. He believes that repetition is key to ensuring your message is heard and understood by your audience. Furthermore, he highlights the significance of perseverance in communication, as it allows you to continuously refine and improve your message over time.

During the conversation, Jeff also shares captivating stories from his life, including his encounters with Ringo Starr and attending a Beatles concert. These anecdotes serve as valuable lessons in communication and networking, as Jeff explains how he utilized these experiences to build connections and create meaningful conversations.

Jeff's expertise extends beyond communication skills, as he offers valuable insights into decision-making. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on results, benefits, advantages, and outcomes when presenting information to drive decision-making processes. By highlighting the value and impact of your message, you can effectively influence others and achieve your desired outcomes.

Additionally, Jeff provides practical advice on networking, emphasizing the importance of asking good questions and actively listening to others. He also discusses the significance of word choice in communication, explaining how selecting the right words can greatly enhance your message's impact and resonance with your audience.

One of the highlights of the episode is Jeff's book, "Peak Your Profits," where he shares practical strategies for business growth. He delves into the key concepts and actionable steps outlined in the book, offering listeners valuable insights into maximizing their business's potential.

To conclude the episode, Jeff shares his "world's fastest strategic plan" for CEOs, providing a concise and effective framework for business leaders to drive success and growth.

Overall, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice from Jeff Blackman, a seasoned expert in communication, networking, and business growth. Listeners are sure to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to enhance their own communication skills and achieve their desired outcomes.

The importance of results, benefits, and outcomes [00:00:00]
Jeff emphasizes that decision makers are driven by the results, benefits, and outcomes that can be delivered to them.

Introduction of Jeff Blackman [00:00:38]
George introduces Jeff Blackman as a speaker, author, success coach, and lawyer, and mentions some interesting facts about him.

Jeff's personal experience with overcoming a speech impediment [00:04:48]
Jeff shares his personal story of overcoming a speech impediment in first grade and how it shaped his career as a communicator.

The Beatles concert experience [00:10:42]
Jeff shares his experience of attending a Beatles concert in Chicago in 1964.

Meeting Ringo Starr in Monaco [00:12:57]
Jeff recounts his encounter with Ringo Starr in Monaco and how he approached him with a unique question.

Improving the response to "What do you do?" [00:16:19]
Jeff discusses strategies for answering the common networking question and emphasizes the importance of focusing on results, benefits, advantages, and outcomes.

The importance of open-ended questions [00:21:13]
Jeff discusses the significance of using open-ended questions in communication and provides examples.

Creating trust through questions [00:22:43]
Jeff explains how asking specific questions can build trust and create a collaborative relationship.

Effective word choice [00:25:09]
Jeff emphasizes the importance of using precise language and replacing subjective opinions with objective experiences.

The importance of collaboration and trust [00:31:32]
Establishing a peer relationship, being collaborative, and building trust are crucial for success.

Insights from Jeff's book "Peak Your Profit" [00:32:08]
Jeff discusses the insights and strategies that readers can gain from his book "Peak Your Profit."

The world's fastest strategic plan [00:37:37]
Jeff shares a three-question strategic plan that can be used by CEOs, salespeople, and anyone in a business setting to determine their current position, desired goals, and how to achieve them.

The Power of Persistence and Communication: A Conversation with Jeff Blackman

In a recent episode of the podcast "Your Intended Message," I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Blackman, a renowned speaker, author, success coach, and lawyer. Our conversation revolved around the importance of repetition, perseverance, and effective communication in achieving success.

The Importance of Repetition and Perseverance

Jeff and I delved into the significance of results, benefits, advantages, and outcomes in driving decision-making. We agreed on the importance of improving the condition of decision-makers and helping them attain a more favorable future.

Jeff shared his personal journey of overcoming a speech impediment in first grade, drawing a parallel between sports training and business. He emphasized the importance of repetition and reinforcement, and how these elements, combined with hard work and perseverance, led him to become a successful attorney, speaker, author, and broadcaster.

The Power of Asking Good Questions

Jeff shared an interesting anecdote about a chance encounter with Ringo Starr, the Beatles drummer, in a bar in Monaco in 1978. Instead of asking the typical fan question, Jeff crafted a unique question about Ringo's resemblance to his real name, Richard Starkey. This unexpected question caught Ringo's attention, leading to a 10 to 15-minute conversation. This story underlines the importance of asking good questions to convey an intended message and build connections.

The Art of Introducing Yourself

When asked about the common networking question, "So, what do you do?" Jeff explained that most people respond with their job title, which doesn't provide much information. He suggested focusing on the results, benefits, advantages, and outcomes that one can deliver to decision makers. Jeff now introduces himself as a "business growth specialist," emphasizing how he helps CEOs, senior leadership teams, and salespeople sleep well at night.

The Dynamic Dozen: Open-Ended Questions

Jeff emphasized the power of asking open-ended questions in communication. He introduced the concept of a dynamic dozen, which consists of at least 12 open-ended questions, essential for effective communication. These questions start with words like who, what, when, where, why, which, how, or "tell me more about."

Jeff also shared some sample questions that he finds valuable in his experience. He believes that asking the right questions can uncover challenges, values, and opportunities for improvement.

The Power of Word Choice

Jeff also emphasized the importance of word choice in communication. He recommends replacing the word "opinion" with "experience" to convey a more factual and proven perspective. He also shares other language choices he uses, such as agreements instead of contracts and initial investment instead of down payment, to create a more positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Peak your profits by Jeff Blackman

Insights from Jeff's Latest Book: "Peak Your Profits"

Jeff discussed his latest book, "Peak Your Profits," and the insights that readers can gain from it. He emphasized that the book is based on his clients' experiences and the strategies that have helped them. Jeff believes that business success is about acquisition, satisfaction, and retention of customers, and he stresses the importance of being good at all three aspects.

Jeff's Advice for CEOs

Towards the end of our conversation, Jeff shared what he calls the "world's fastest strategic plan," which involves...

In conclusion, my conversation with Jeff Blackman was a treasure trove of insights and practical advice. His experiences and strategies are a testament to the power of persistence, effective communication, and asking the right questions. Whether you're a CEO, a salesperson, or just someone looking to improve their communication skills, there's a lot to learn from Jeff's wisdom.

Jeff Blackman speaking