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How you can encourage people to laugh: Scott Bloom

Humor in a Virtual Environment: Yes you can laugh in Zoom

Scott Bloom, a comedic keynote speaker and event emcee, discusses his use of humor in the corporate world during an interview with George Torok on the podcast "Your Intended Message."

Scott explains how he crafts his material to be business-oriented and relatable, allowing him to address topics that executives may not be able to discuss directly. He emphasizes the importance of customizing his comedy to each specific audience and making the presentation about them rather than himself.

Scott also shares his experiences with improvisation, virtual performances, and the connection between laughter and effective communication in the corporate environment.

OKAY to Laugh

Building a Relationship through Comedy [00:00:00]
Scott discusses how comedy is all about building a relationship with the audience.

Creating Faux Book Covers [00:01:24]
Scott explains how he became the number one faux author in the world by creating fake book titles and posting them on social media.

Using Humor in the Corporate World [00:03:58]
Scott talks about how he uses humor in the corporate world, crafting material that is business-oriented and relatable to the audience.

The preparation is the net [00:11:55]
Scott explains how preparation is the key to handling uncertain moments and improvisation during live and virtual events.

Writing comedy for video [00:12:41]
Scott discusses his process of writing comedy for videos, including the balance between improvisation and planning.

Transitioning to virtual performances [00:15:35]
Scott shares his experience and challenges in transitioning from live performances to virtual performances during the pandemic.

The power of humor in virtual presentations [00:22:20]
Scott discusses the importance of incorporating humor into virtual presentations and provides tips on how to engage the audience effectively.

The connection between laughter and business communication [00:25:16]
Scott explains how laughter can create openness and connection in the corporate environment, allowing for better communication and engagement.

Making team meetings more engaging [00:30:20]
Scott suggests starting team meetings with icebreaker games and encouraging team members to share interesting facts about themselves to foster camaraderie and make the meeting more enjoyable.

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The Power of Humor in the Corporate World: A Conversation with Scott Bloom

As a podcaster, I've had the privilege of interviewing many fascinating individuals. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Bloom, a renowned live and virtual event emcee, comedic keynote speaker, and the world's number one faux author. Our conversation, which took place on my podcast "Your Intended Message," revolved around Scott's unique use of humor in the corporate world and his ability to connect with audiences.

The Art of Comedy in Business

Scott's background as a comedian has played a significant role in shaping his approach to corporate events. He uses humor as a tool to build relationships with his audience, crafting his material to be business-oriented and relatable to the corporate world.

One of his unique strategies involves his faux author persona. Scott creates fake book covers and posts them on social media, a humorous endeavor that culminated in the publication of his book, "You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover," featuring a collection of his faux book covers.

The Role of Humor in Addressing Difficult Topics

Scott believes that humor can be a powerful tool in the corporate world, allowing him to address topics that executives may not be able to talk about directly. He customizes his comedy to the specific audience by doing research beforehand and incorporating their language, acronyms, and experiences into his material. This approach helps him become an insider, building a strong connection with the audience.

Making the Presentation About the Audience

Scott emphasizes the importance of making the presentation about the audience rather than oneself. By shifting the focus onto the audience, speakers can create a more engaging and memorable experience. He also mentions the importance of being in the moment and being able to improvise, adding an element of spontaneity and authenticity to the performance.

The Challenges of Improvisation and Uncertainty

When asked about the challenges of improvisation and uncertainty in his performances, Scott explained that preparation is key. He always knows the direction he's going in, even if he adds a little improvisation to keep things fresh. He distinguishes between spontaneity and making things up on the spot, highlighting the importance of knowing what works and what doesn't.

Transitioning to Virtual Performances

The pandemic brought about a significant shift in Scott's work as he transitioned to virtual performances. He admitted that it was initially tough for all performers and comedians, as they thrive on the energy and feedback from live audiences. However, he overcame the technical challenges of adapting to virtual platforms and found the right balance of energy for the camera.

The Importance of Professionalism in Virtual Presentations

Scott emphasizes the importance of professionalism in virtual presentations. He advises having a decent background and dressing appropriately for the meeting. He also stresses the need for preparation and being relaxed and energized during virtual presentations.

The Power of Laughter and the Language of Business

Scott believes that in the corporate environment, it's important to talk the language of the audience and make them feel like insiders. He mentions that laughter opens people up and creates an openness that allows for better content delivery. His keynote, titled "Laugh Learn Connect Repeat," focuses on connecting better with the audience and making them feel special.

Applying the Principle in Team Meetings

Scott suggests that corporate leaders can apply the principle of taking the attention off themselves and putting it on the audience in their team meetings. He emphasizes the importance of being open and creating a comfortable environment where team members feel comfortable sharing as well.

My conversation with Scott Bloom was a deep dive into the power of humor in the corporate world. His insights on connecting with the audience, the role of humor in addressing difficult topics, and the transition to virtual performances were truly enlightening.

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