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"You demonstrated to us how to cut a 60-minute rambling presentation, into a 12-minute clear, concise and focused presentation that helped us secure a $10 million project."
Sam Kohn, President, Kubik
Presentation skills training, executive speech coaching, communication skills training from the  Speech Coach for Executives, George Torok
How to deliver a successful presentation?
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Speaking and presentation skills coaching and training for executives, business professionals, and sales leaders

As an executive you might need and want to:
  Get more,
  Get more done,
  Get more done right,
  Get more done right now!
  Get more done right now -- through others.
How can you make that happen?
The same way leaders have accomplished that all through history - by conveying simple, clear and effective messages. Although styles of leadership, management and presentation have changed - the principles have not. You need to have your message heard, understood and acted upon.

You as leader and coach
You can lead effectively by coaching, mentoring and modeling the behaviours you want from others. To succeed as a leader you must make things happen through others. They must hear you, understand you and believe you. And they must act on your message. You need to be a powerful presenter.

Speech Coaching for you
Just as you might guide and coach others to grow and achieve impressive results - you, as leader, need a coach to help you grow. With help you can deliver a powerful and convincing message in your speech, presentations and public speaking. Your executive speech coach, George Torok, will demonstrate and coach you to speak confidently and effectively to make things happen when you speak. Don't wing it - get a good speech coach. Your messages are too important.

Are you a CEO, executive, or senior manager?
Do you need and want more success when:

  You plan and deliver proposals to prospects and clients? Yes.
  You present reports and action plans to your management team or staff? Yes.
  You create and deliver a speech or seminar to a public audience? Yes.
  You speak before investors, suppliers and the media? Yes.
  You perform as spokesperson for your organization or community cause? Yes.
  You present using computer projection and other audiovisual technology? Yes.
  You want to equip your sales team with powerful presentation skills to sell more? Yes.

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"He had the challenge of speaking at a critical time in the development of our company and immediately after our president delivered a serious message. I am happy to report that George's presentation was very well received and made an important contribution to a successful meeting. George delivered on all accounts and then some."
Derrick Russell, Corporate Marketing Manager, DuPont Canada

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George Torok can help you speak clearly, confidently and effectively.
He will coach you to dramatically awaken your power as a successful presenter. He will help you deliver your speech and key message with precise impact to achieve the results that you desire. After all it’s not really the speech that you might need and want but the results from that speech. To dramatically improve your presentation successes call “The Speech Coach for Executives” - George Torok - 905-335-1997.
"Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated that fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery.”
Carol Ford, Training and Development Specialist, Bombardier Aerospace

George Torok Coaching in Boardroom
Effective Presentations are based on skills – not talent. That means that you can learn, practice and hone these critical communication skills. Your professsional speech coach can help you consistently deliver superior business presentations.

George Torok can help you...
  Create your speech faster and more effectively
  Stand head and shoulders above your competition
  Promote your company by speaking at industry and public events
  Enhance your career success by being recognized as an effective communicator
  Be prepared to speak anywhere - even on the spur of the moment
  Avoid common and uncommon presentation errors
  Adapt your speech to different audiences and time frames
  Do you need and want to improve the success of your business presentations?
  Call George Torok now to arrange your speech coaching or training program to deliver superior presentations.
  Inferior presentations could be costing you sales, productivity and opportunity. Superior presentation skills will get you more - of what you want.
  Call your Executive Speech Coach, George Torok, now!

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