Death by PowerPoint: the Pain, the Monsters and the Horror

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PowerPoint Monsters and Disasters You Can Avoid …if you Want

You know that a PowerPoint presentation can be a painful experience for the presenter and especially the audience. Let’s have some fun and throw some humor into the mix to laugh at the terrible PowerPoint presentations and then we can fix it. Let’s become aware of the problem and then work to use slide more effectively.

Enjoy these silly poems about PowerPoint monsters that I promoted ChatGTP to write for me.


An Ode to PowerPoint Presentations

Bad PowerPoint presentations,

Are a true abomination,

With bullet points galore,

And fonts that make you snore.


Slides with walls of text,

And clipart so perplexed,

Transitions that make you dizzy,

And graphics that are far too busy.


The speaker reads the slide,

And you want to run and hide,

The font size is so small,

You can barely read it all.


The colors clash and clash,

And animations that flash and bash,

Your eyes start to ache,

From this presentation mistake.


So let’s banish these bad slides,

And present with some pride,

With clear and concise content,

And visuals that are relevant.


Say goodbye to those bullet points,

And let’s make sure the fonts,

Are readable and clear,

So our audience will cheer!


So let’s all strive for greatness,

And banish those presentations of lateness,

With PowerPoint done right,

We’ll shine in the brightest light!

PowerPoints sucks

Dracula and Frankenstein Created a PowerPoint Presentation

Dracula and Frankenstein, they had a plan

To conquer the world with a PowerPoint stand

Their presentation was so dry and dull

It made their audience want to scream and cull


The slides were full of boring text

And the graphics were nothing but a hex

Bullet points were strewn across the screen

And transitions so slow, they’d make you scream


The audience slumped down in their chairs

With no escape from the deadly pairs

Dracula and Frankenstein kept on with their spiel

As the audience began to nod and keel


Suddenly, Dracula’s teeth fell out

And Frankenstein’s bolts began to sprout

The audience, they finally woke up

To the horror of the PowerPoint’s deadly cup


Dracula and Frankenstein, they’d gone too far

Their PowerPoint skills were worse than bizarre

The audience ran out with a scream

And left them to wonder where they’d been


So if you want to give a PowerPoint talk

Don’t be like Dracula and Frankenstein and go for a walk

Make it fun, engaging, and full of life

And you’ll never have to face Death by PowerPoint’s deadly knife.

PowerPoint monsters

Godzilla’s PowerPoint Presentation

Godzilla’s PowerPoint presentation was like a fierce and unstoppable monster wreaking havoc on a city. With each slide, the ground trembled as images of destruction and chaos filled the screen. The audience was held captive by the sheer magnitude of the slides, unable to tear their eyes away from the monstrous spectacle before them.

As Godzilla roared through his presentation, the sound of his voice shook the very foundations of the room. His words were like thunderbolts, striking fear into the hearts of his listeners. Each slide was a new assault, a fresh wave of destruction that left the audience reeling.

And yet, there was a strange beauty to it all. The images were vivid and awe-inspiring, a testament to the power of nature and the sheer force of will behind Godzilla’s words. Even as the audience cowered before him, they couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer majesty of the beast before them.

In the end, it was clear that Godzilla’s PowerPoint presentation was more than just a series of slides. It was a work of art, a masterpiece of destruction that left its mark on all who witnessed it. And though the audience may have been shaken to their core, they knew that they had experienced something truly unforgettable.

Godzilla Versus King Kong on PowerPoint

Godzilla and King Kong, they had a beef

Over who could make the best PowerPoint brief

Godzilla claimed he’d dominate with his brute strength

While King Kong said his creativity would go to great length


Godzilla’s slides were all about destruction and might

While King Kong’s were colorful and a delightful sight

Godzilla’s fonts were all in bold and caps

King Kong’s had memes and clever snaps


Godzilla’s transitions were fierce and abrupt

King Kong’s were smooth, like butter on a cup

Godzilla’s charts were all about death tolls

King Kong’s showed happy trees, fish and playful trolls


Godzilla’s pitch was all about brute force

While King Kong’s focused on engagement and discourse

In the end, the audience was left with a choice

Between Godzilla’s fear or King Kong’s joyful voice


The judges, all creatures of the jungle, laughed and chuckled

At the sight of Godzilla’s slides so rough and buckle

But it was King Kong who won with his engaging style

And all Godzilla could do was stomp away in denial


So next time you’re in a presentation, remember this tale

It’s not always about being fierce and raising hell

Sometimes it’s about being creative, engaging and bold

And bringing a little humor to the fold.

The Joker Laughs At Your Misery

The Joker took the stage with a grin

To present his slides, oh what a sin

With each slide, he’d read with glee

But the content was nothing but insanity


His slides were full of chaotic schemes

And his graphics were like twisted dreams

Bullet points were all in red

And his transitions made you feel like you’re dead


But the Joker didn’t care, he read with a smile

As he told his jokes and his plans so vile

The audience tried to follow along

But his slides made their brains feel wrong


At one point, he laughed and showed a pie chart

Of how he’d taken over Gotham’s art

But the data was all skewed and wrong

And the audience couldn’t help but groan


Finally, he finished with a bang

But the audience just sat there with a twang

The Joker had read his slides with pride

But the content left them feeling fried


So if you ever find yourself reading a PowerPoint slide

Remember, it’s not about your insane side

Make it fun, engaging, and full of delight

And your audience will feel just right.

Shakespeare on the PowerPoint Tragedy

Oh, cruel fate! The speaker’s voice doth drone In monotone, as dry as desert stone With PowerPoint slides, as tedious as sin, The audience fidgets, longing to begin.

The words that spew forth, they seem to float, Like lifeless corpses in a stagnant moat. Bullet points, they clatter and doth jangle, But meaning, alas, doth often mangle.

The slides are dull, they doth lack color, A visual snore, they doth not discover The potential beauty of what they hold, A story that couldst be brilliantly told.

But woe is us, the speaker doth persist, His PowerPoint droning on without a twist. The audience, they suffer, in pain and despair, As the speaker’s boredom doth fill the air.

Oh, if only the speaker had a wit so fine, To share with us, a tale or a rhyme, To lighten the mood and to keep us amused, But alas, we are left, with PowerPoint abused.

So let this be a lesson, to all who would speak, When PowerPoint is used, let it not be weak. For if thou wouldst engage and delight, A PowerPoint presentation must be just right.


Death by PowerPoint: the Pain, the Monsters and the Horror

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