Emotional intelligence with Irvine Nugent

Table of Contents

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Tame your anger with your emotional intelligence: Irvine Nugent

In this podcast episode, emotional intelligence specialist Irvin Nugent discusses the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership.

He explains it as the ability to understand and manage one's own emotions, recognize others' emotions, and use this information to build positive relationships. Nugent emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, managing anger, and creating a space for casual conversations, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also shares insights from his book, "Leadership Lessons from the Pub," and offers a free e-course on emotional intelligence. The episode concludes with Nugent providing tips on how individuals can use emotional intelligence to have a more positive and productive workday

Interview with Irvin Nugent, specialist in emotional intelligence

  • Definition of emotional intelligence and its importance in leadership
  • How emotional intelligence can be developed and applied in various situations
  • Importance of casual conversations in understanding people's experiences during COVID-19
  • Advice on helping colleagues who appear to be suffering
  • "Leadership Lessons from the Pub" and its emphasis on emotional intelligence in creating inclusive workplace cultures
  • Nugent realizing his lack of emotional intelligence and the impact of his childhood experiences on his character
  • Importance of becoming aware of patterns in anger and managing it before acting on it
  • Offer of a free e-course on emotional intelligence by Nugent
  • Suggestions for tapping into emotional in
  • intelligence for a positive and productive workday

Leadership lessons from the PUB

The concept of emotional intelligence (00:01:46)
Irvin Nugent explains the term emotional intelligence and its four key components: self-awareness, emotion management, recognizing emotions in others, and using that information to manage relationships.

The purpose of anger and its potential for good (00:05:37)
Irvin Nugent discusses how anger, when properly understood and managed, can serve a purpose and be used for positive change, citing social movements as examples.

Enhancing emotional intelligence in team building (00:11:11)
Irvin Nugent suggests that leaders can enhance the emotional intelligence of their teams by improving their listening skills and creating opportunities for casual conversations and check-ins.

Creating a Space for Conversations (00:11:53)
Importance of casual conversations, checking in with colleagues, and creating a space for open dialogue and sharing.

Lessons from the Pub (00:13:44)
Using the pub as a metaphor for creating a workplace culture where people feel included, belong, and engage with each other.

Personal Awakening and Emotional Intelligence (00:16:17)
The speaker's personal experience of realizing the importance of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and dealing with conflict in leadership roles.

The Anger Trigger and Awareness (00:23:27)
Discussion about becoming aware of patterns and triggers of anger to better manage it in the moment.

Free Emotional Intelligence Course (00:24:11)
Information about a free e-course on Irvin Nugent's website that covers the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and provides tools for personal growth.

Creating Intention and Managing Transitions (00:25:41)
Advice on setting intentions for the day and being deliberate in managing transitions between work and home, including being aware of moods and making necessary shifts.