How to present yourself a podcast host in a stronger light

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Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Valued: Nancy Juetten

What does your bio really say about you? Are you happy with that?

In this podcast episode, guest Nancy Juetten discusses the importance of creating compelling, unique bios for professionals and leaders.

She emphasizes the need to tailor bios to different platforms, regularly update them, and ensure they clearly communicate the problem you solve, who you solve it for, and what makes you unique. She also advises against using generic phrases and encourages authenticity. The conversation also covers the importance of personalizing queries when reaching out to be a guest on a podcast, focusing on the host and their show, and addressing the needs of the listeners.

Nancy concludes by offering two free gifts to listeners.

Hello. What do you do and why should I care?

How to promote yourself more comfortably

The importance of a compelling bio [00:02:08]
Nancy discusses the significance of having a compelling bio and how it can make a difference in professional success.

The problem with boring bios [00:02:55]
Nancy talks about the prevalence of boring bios and the need to transform them into something that stands out.

The key elements of a LinkedIn bio [00:09:33]
Nancy highlights the importance of clearly communicating the problem you solve, who you solve it for, and what makes you unique in a LinkedIn bio.

The importance of personality in bios [00:11:35]
Highlighting the significance of showcasing personality and uniqueness in bios to appeal to specific audiences.

Tailoring bios to desired outcomes [00:13:06]
Discussing the need to align the content of bios with the desired goals, such as attracting customers, booking speaking gigs, or gaining media interviews.

Standing out with a distinct philosophy [00:21:15]
Emphasizing the value of including a sassy soundbite or philosophy in bios to differentiate oneself and leave a memorable impression.

The importance of personalization [00:22:21]
Nancy discusses the importance of personalizing her query to the podcast host, mentioning specific details about the show and the host.

The problem with generic bios [00:23:28]
George shares an example of a generic bio he received from a potential guest and explains why it didn't grab his attention.

Creating a compelling bio [00:30:38]
Nancy provides three tips for writing a compelling bio, including putting a handle in front of your name, writing in the third person, and including a clear call to action.

How to write a bio that promotes you and your value

Crafting a Compelling Bio: Insights from Nancy Juetten

As a podcaster, I've had the privilege of engaging in enlightening conversations with industry experts. In one of my recent episodes, I had the pleasure of hosting Nancy Juetten, a renowned professional in the field of personal branding. Our discussion revolved around the importance of creating compelling bios and messages for professionals and leaders. Here's a recap of the insightful conversation we had.

The Power of a Compelling Bio

Nancy Juetten the brain behind the "Bye Bye Boring Bio" workbook, shared her expertise on transforming mundane bios into superstar ones. She emphasized the importance of viewing your bio with fresh eyes to ensure it delivers the intended message and impact.

According to Nancy, not all bios are suitable for all situations. She highlighted the need to tailor your bio to different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The goal is to make a true connection with your ideal client, igniting further action such as a phone call or inquiry.

Regularly Update Your Bio

Nancy advises professionals to regularly update their bios to reflect their accomplishments and relevance. She pointed out the common mistake of leading with credentials, emphasizing the need to focus on the most essential and relevant information in a short bio.

In the era of short attention spans, especially in podcast guesting, it's crucial to provide value to the audience. Nancy stressed the importance of clarity in communicating the problem you solve, who you solve it for, and what makes you unique.

Stand Out with Authenticity

Nancy shared an example of a professional who stood out with their unapologetic and unbridled personality, using the phrase "follow my shenanigans" to attract a specific audience. She advised against using generic phrases like "sought after speaker" without providing proof or credibility.

Instead, she suggested being authentic and genuine, acknowledging areas of improvement while highlighting accomplishments. Nancy believes that being likable and trustworthy is crucial in attracting clients and building relationships.

Embrace Your Personality

Nancy encourages professionals to embrace their personality and bring their best selves forward, rather than trying to be something they're not. She emphasized the importance of owning who you are and presenting relevant wins to your audience.

She concluded by highlighting the significance of personality and character in a competitive market, as well as the need to stand out with a unique philosophy or soundbite in your bio.

Personalizing Queries for Podcast Guesting

Our conversation also touched on the importance of personalizing queries when reaching out to be a guest on a podcast. Nancy shared her experience of receiving generic queries that lacked personalization and how they failed to grab her attention.

She emphasized the need to talk about the host and their show, demonstrating that you have actually listened to their episodes. Nancy contrasted this with an example of a query she received that only focused on the person's own accomplishments and failed to address the needs of the listeners.

It's About the Listeners

We both agreed on the importance of understanding that as a guest, it's not about you and the host, but about the listeners and viewers. We highlighted the currencies that are important to hosts, such as more subscribers, five-star ratings, and the opportunity to have insightful guests.

Potential guests need to genuinely and specifically address these issues in their queries. Nancy also mentioned how she has been approached by representatives from expensive agencies who fail to mention specific episodes or reasons why they are impressed with her podcast.

In conclusion, creating a compelling bio is a crucial aspect of personal branding. It's about authenticity, relevance, and understanding your audience. As Nancy Juetten rightly put it, "Embrace your personality and bring your best self forward."