Are You Unique?

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Unless you are a clone – you are unique. Even if you are a twin, you are unique. Twins have many similarities, yet each is unique. They are distinct personalities.

unique one of a kind

Unique means that you are one of a kind. No one else is comparable to you. You are different – not the same – maybe similar but not the same – unique.

Unique means – unlike any other – no comparison – not a copy – different from the rest – no equal – one of a kind.

If you believe that you’re unique – would you sully the message by suggesting that you are very unique, pretty unique or really unique?

Each of those modifiers suggest that you are not unique because you needed to preface the word unique with a qualifier. If you need to qualify your sense of uniqueness, that suggests you don’t believe you are unique.


Let’s explore these modifiers.


Very Unique

That phrase suggests that there are shades of unique. Is very unique more unique than unique? Is very, very unique even more unique that very unique? Very usually means more. Very cold is usually considered colder than cold. If you are unique how can you be more unique? Answer – you were never unique in the first place. You’re simply claiming a false title.


Pretty Unique

Pretty is usually a description about attractive appearance. Pretty unique suggests that it’s the opposite of ugly unique. What’s the difference? If you are pretty unique does that mean this is about your appearance?


Really Unique

Is this real or is this unreal? Is this really unique or is it imagined unique? What’s real and what’s not really unique?


Other silly versions of unique – fairly unique, somewhat unique, extremely unique

By now you might recognize that unique is a word that stands alone. Don’t muddy the message by adding modifiers to this supreme word.

If you are supreme, would you cloud the message by describing yourself as very supreme, fairly supreme, somewhat supreme…?

Every time you put a modifier in front of the word unique, you’re sending the message that you are not unique.

Unique means one of a kind

If you get it, you’ll understand why you might describe your product, service or offering as unique but not very unique, really unique or pretty unique.

Trust that you are and will continue to be unique.



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