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How to Pitch to the Podcast Host

If you want to be a guest on a podcast, what do you need to say when pitching to the podcast host? I can’t speak for other hosts. I speak from my experience as a podcast host with more that 75 guests and my experience as a radio host for 19 years with more than 600 guests.

My podcast, Your Intended Message, is a weekly interview show. That means I need at least one guest a week. I say “at least” because sometimes the guest cancels or postpones. And occasionally I decide not to publish the interview. Why would I not publish an interview? Because on reflection, the audio was poor, the language was littered with filler words, or the message was bland or buried.

If you want to be a guest on my podcast the most important question you need to answer is, “What will you do for me?”

It’s not about you. When I receive a pitch in which every sentence starts with “I, me or my” you’re not talking about me and my interests. You didn’t grab my attention.

What would grab my attention?

Here are four criteria that I examine when qualifying a guest.


  1. Do you know my podcast?

Did you demonstrate that you know the name of my podcast and the theme? Have you listened to at least one episode and mentioned the guest or message? What do you understand about my audience? What do you admire or appreciate about my podcast?


  1. What are you offering my listeners?

My number one consideration is, “What will my listeners gain from this interview?” What unique perspective and wisdom can you offer my listeners?” How might this grab their attention and intrigue them? How does this compare to previous guests?


  1. How will you promote my podcast?

Have you already written a review on Apple podcasts? How big is your audience on social media or email lists? Have you offered to promote through those channels?


  1. How credible are you?

What is your experience with the topic? What is your captivating story? Can you reveal the pain and joy of your adventure? Tell me about your previous podcasts, presentations or publications.


When you revive these four criteria to be a guest on my podcast, you might notice that the first three are about my podcast and my listeners. Only the last element is about you.

If you only talk about yourself – I’m not interested in you as a guest on Your Intended Message.

Go apply to the narcissists podcast network.


If you want to be guest on Your Intended Message, be sure to check the boxes for these four criteria.

How to Pitch to the Podcast Host

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