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Yes, we are open for business during this COVID-19 crisis.

Communication is even more critical now than any other time. You might be delivering key messages to one, few or many.

Online coaching and training

You and your messaging will experience intense scrutiny on many planes of perspective.

Your words, your voice and your body language are sending messages. The question is, “Are you sending a consistent message?”

Timing, structure and delivery are elements of your message.

Many people are stressed – which makes your messages important. When people are stressed, they are more likely to misinterpret or jump to negative conclusions.

The good news is that in this reality of no-touch service and social distancing – you can still receive high quality communication skills coaching.

You can even arrange a training webinar for your team, or a group Q&A Zoom meeting.

I’m here for you and eager to help you through your communication challenges.

You can continue to follow this site for tips, guidelines and ideas for more effective communication.

Add your questions in the comments below to trigger an answer in an upcoming blog post.

Let’s talk about arranging:

Zoom presentation coaching

Individual Communication Coaching by phone or Zoom

Training Webinar for your team

Q&A session for your team on Zoom




Online speech coaching on Zoom, or Skype

Online presentation skills training, webinar or group coaching.

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