Presentation Mechanics: The Three Gears of your Presentation

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Let’s explore the mechanics of your presentation. The three gears are Content, Structure and Delivery. They work best when you intertwine them in your presentation.

Think of your presentation as a machine with these gears meshing together to produce a successful presentation.  You can’t ignore one. Include all three gears to produce a successful presentation.


Presentation mechanics


Content includes the message and supporting information. You were asked to speak because you are considered a reliable authority on the subject. Perhaps you experienced the topic and/or researched it. This is the meat of the presentation. The danger is that many presenters believe this is the presentation.

The danger with content is that you are perceived to say “blah, blah, blah.” Be sure to shape your content with structure and delivery.



Structure represents the bones of the presentation. Effective structure demonstrates the prioritization of your message and enables an understandable flow of the material. Using the appropriate structure makes it easier for you to stay on track while delivering your presentation. A good structure helps your audience hear and understand your message.

A well defined structure recognizes the thought process within the mind of your audience. Who could be more important than your audience?




Delivery is “how you deliver the message”. Effective delivery engages the audience to listen, remember and act. Effective delivery is the reason they will look forward to your next presentation. This aspect of your presentation is the “how you say it”.  Most importantly is “how you connect” with your audience.

You might consider the delivery as the “art of presentation”. That might be true. Delivery is also the “science of presentation”.

Your personality becomes part of your delivery because you adapt the techniques to your presentation style. Effective presentation techniques are based on principles of communication.


You can recognize weak presenters because they put most or all their effort on Content. They ignore the importance of Structure and Delivery.

You will deliver a stronger presentation when you mesh the strengths of Content, Structure and Delivery in your presentation.


Want help to mesh your presentation?

Your speech coach can help you select your content. Where you’ll receive the greatest benefit, is in helping you design your structure and craft your delivery. Talk to George Torok, The Speech Coach for Executives to transform your next presentation into a success presentation.


Presentation Mechanics: The Three Gears of your Presentation

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