Silly Linkedin Profiles: Entrepreneur, innovator, visionary- and King of the World

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Another silly Linkedin profile that is simply cliché and click bait. Go check your Linkedin profile for these vile mistakes.

Let’s review the profile…



Entrepreneur, innovator, visionary, embracer of change elements, and pursuer of higher learning with tenacity, patience, and judgement in decision-making resulting in a great deal of stamina and resolve mentally and physically.

Entrepreneur – So What?

Innovator – So What? What did you innovate?

Visionary – So What? What does this mean?

Embracer of change elements – So What? And what are change elements?

Pursuer of higher learning – What does that mean? What did you learn? How did you learn?

Demonstrate your tenacity patience and judgement.

What is a “great deal of stamina and resolve”?

Explain your mental and physical stamina and resolve. What does that mean?


An avid reader, communicator, and implementer of ideas with strong conviction and execution in a timely manner with continual paradigm shifts, lifestyle and priority changes to accommodate the unending demands of the role.

You claim to read. So what?

You claim to be a communicator. Really? This profile suggests otherwise. You’re not communicating here. You’re vague and not credible.

So you’ve lost me and the rest is simply bullshit. Blah, blah, blah and more lies…


Last but not least a humanitarian and philanthropist. World Vision advocate supporting more than 25 children worldwide since 1985 to the present.

At first glance this felt good. But notice how you claim to be a humanitarian and philanthropist. Why did you state that? Why don’t you allow us to make our own judgement based on our understanding of your actions?

I don’t know if you are a humanitarian and philanthropist. I’ve volunteered my time and I’ve donated money to charities and I still wouldn’t describe myself as either a humanitarian or philanthropist.

After the clichés and nonsense in the earlier part of your profile, this brag about humanitarian and philanthropist is less credible.


Bottom line: you sound like you are full of shit.

If you want to create a strong Linkedin profile – Tell us what you did. Verbs are better than nouns.

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