What is Malcolm Reid Buying or Selling?

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I’ve received at least three emails from Malcolm Reid. I’m not clear on what he is buying or selling. That might seem like a strange statement because, I don’t know if he’s buying or selling. His message is confusing. Is that on purpose? You decide.

Here’s the first email I received from Malcolm.

What do you see, understand and feel about this first contact email? Would you trust this person?

Is this the classic bait and switch email pitch?

The subject stated, “Need your coaching services”. That suggests that he is interested in buying my services. That was an attention grabbing headline. Then the message flips and asks silly questions. The headline was a lie?

Do you believe that this person wants my help?
Do you believe that person is honest?
Do you believe this person is simply pulling a bait and switch?

What’s wrong with this message?
They think my name is “there”. The message is not personalized which suggests that this message was sent to many – dozens, hundreds or thousands of potential coaches or consultants.

Are you still a business coach/consultant? – If they looked at my website or Linkedin profile, they would know.

Here’s the signal – “Are you accepting new clients?”
Are you serious?

This is the stupidest and most insulting question that a marketer could ask.

Hello Malcolm. You started your message by suggesting that you “Needed my coaching services” then you pivoted and asked two stupid questions.

“If you’re a business coach or consultant, I’m in need of your services.” You don’t care about my specialty.

What does that mean. Hardly specific. And that ridicules line, “if you are taking on new clients.”

Who is this idiot?

Let’s review these statements from Malcolm Reid.

“Here is my situation.
I can’t take on another client if I wanted to.
Right now, my Coaching Business is absolutely BOOMING.”

He can’t take on another client if he wanted to. Yet, his website offers you the “opportunity to register for his program at only $1,000 a month.

So can he accept new clients or not? Which is the truth? What is Malcolm Reid lying about?

What can we believe about Malcolm Reid?

According to his Linkedin profile he was a car salesperson for several years. Now he can’t take on another client – yet he’s sent me three emails t0 tell me that.


Lots of red flags with this series of email from Malcolm Reid.

Spidey sense is tingling.

How do you feel about trusting this ex-car sales person?

Are you ready to pay $1,00o a month for a person who claims they can’t take any new clients? Will he refund your money because he’s too busy?

Malcolm Reid, I invite your comments below and I will publish them.


PS: These email messages were impersonal. It seems they were part of a mass mailing yet there was no “unsubscribe” option which means that this was SPAM

PPS: Malcolm Reid, please remove me from your mailing list. As you can see, I don’t want to receive them.

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  1. I got 3 phone calls. They didn’t go through but he was able to leave 3 voice mail messages. Saying almost the exact same thing.

  2. Same here! He was hitting me with almost the same messaging last year. I can’t stand duplicitous. I run cold outbound campaigns all the time, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you have a great service that solves a burning pain, and are able to articulate that well enough, you don’t need to trick anybody into your program.

  3. Thank you for doing this…there are so many BS scams like this or as they would call them, “lead generation techniques” out there trying to waste people’s time. Appreciate you putting this out there!

  4. Thanks for posting this. I received the same messages today and thought they were odd. I replied to his last message asking him how he heard about me. No reply. I Google “Malcolm Reid Coaching Scam Emails” and your link came up. I appreciate knowing what I thought was SPAM/garbage was in fact SPAM/garbage.

  5. Post

    You might ask, why would I publish posts like this? It might seem controversial. The reason is that I don’t like liars and hate SPAMers.

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