Tell Me About Yourself

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Tell me about yourself

How do you feel when asked this question? Do you panic? Do you feel confused about what they want? Do you wonder, how much should you say?

This was a question that was often asked in job interviews. I used to think that it was a lazy question from the interviewer. No imagination in posing that question.

It was non- specific and vague. Then I realized that it might be a brilliant question because of the vagueness.

The vagueness of the question would probably disrupt the comfort of the candidate. Let’s see how they handle this challenge.

The vague nature of this question also allows the candidate to shine by taking control of the conversation. Make the transition from vague to specific to deliver your desired message. Imagine how confident that can make you appear.

When you are on the receiving end of this question, translate it into a question that you want to answer.


The Job Interview

In a job interview you might translate this question into:

  • Why should you hire me?
  • What are my most important qualifications for this position?
  • How would I approach the challenges of this job?
  • How has my experience and education prepared me for this challenge?
  • How will I contribute to the success of your team?
  • What success have I demonstrated in this field?


Do NOT tell them about yourself! That’s not what they want to hear. Maybe they are lazy. Maybe they are brilliant if only accidently.

Always, translate “Tell me about yourself” into the question you most want to answer.

After you hear the statement, “Tell me about yourself.” pause then state the question you want to address. If you are asking me, “What success have I demonstrated in this field? The answer is…”

Then answer the rhetorical question you just posed.

Now you convey confidence and appear brilliant.


Tell me about yourself


Podcast Interview

You might be asked this question when you appear on a podcast. Again, I believe it’s a lazy and unimaginative question from the host.

Be prepared to turn this question around in a similar manner to your advantage to grab attention and set the direction of the interview.

When appearing on a podcast, you might translate this question into:

  • What are three relevant facts about me that you audience might want to know?
  • What triggered this change in my life?
  • Why am I so excited to talk with you about this topic?
  • Why should your audience listen carefully to this discussion?
  • What are the challenges that my best clients face and how do I help them?


These are sample questions. I suggest that you prepare your own “Tell me about yourself”
question for every and rehearse your answers to launch the interview on a positive note.


Go ahead. Tell me about yourself.

tell me about yourself






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