How to Tell Your Stories

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Leverage your stories to reduce tension, connect with your audience and make your message more memorable.

You might know that telling stories are effective to deliver your message. That’s why the movie industry is so successful. That’s why marketing campaigns leverage the power of stories. That’s why the best speakers integrate stories into their presentations. Stories seduce, inspire and seduce.

If you recognize the power of telling stories, then you will appreciate these tips and posts about finding, creating, crafting and delivering your stories.

Why tell your stories in your presentation

Why tell your stories?

A good place to start is to recognise the power of story telling and why you should include more stories in your messaging. There are at least three significant reasons to tell your stories.

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Tell your presentation story

The magic phrase that you want to hear is, “Tell me a story.” What does that mean? What are the three elements to a good story? Why is a personal story so powerful?

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Put the audience in your stories Put the audience in your story. Why is that important? How might you do that more effectively?

It’s about the words you use, the perspective you present and the way you invite them into your story so they see and feel the story as an experience. imagine that.

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Find your stories

No need to search a map to find your stories. Your best stories are alive in your mind. You simply need to ask yourself some probing questions to bring your stories to the forefront of your mind. What questions will help you uncover those precious stories?

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How to tell stories in your presentation

More tips on finding and telling your stories. Where might your best stories come from? What techniques might you use when telling your stoires?

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The best speakers tell stories. Your audience forgets most of what you said in your presentation. They forget your name. If they remember anything, it’s your best stories. You know it was an effective story when they repeat it to others. They might not repeat it word for word – but they convey the essence of your message. That makes your presentation story a success.

Want help to find, craft and deliver your stories for greater success? Work with George Torok to become a master story teller.

For more ideas, insights and examples of how to deliver your stories, listen to the podcast, Your Intended Message.

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