Why So Serious? Are you cold to your audience?

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Are you a speaker who appears to be cold, and detached? Are you trying to be serious while conveying detachment? Then, you might consider this question…

Why so serious?


Heath Ledger, as the Joker, delivered that line in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight. The Joker delivered that line as he explained the permanent smile on his face.

What’s most relevant to you is a question that more business presenters need to ask themselves when they speak.

Why so serious?

To be serious about your message is good. The problem is when the speaker appears cold and detached because that’s what they believe is required by being serious.

Why are you speaking without passion, conviction or emotion for your message or the audience? Why are you so serious and cold? Why are you pretending not to care?

If you care about your message show it.

If you care about your audience show it.

Reveal emotion. Show that you care. Send a message with your face that supports your words. Smile, laugh, grimace, frown, look quizzical, ponder a thought,

Why so serious? Why so cold and uninvolved?

The real meaning behind that question is, “Why are you so expressionless? Why are you emotionally flat? Why are you portraying yourself as inhuman?”

The topic might be serious, but you need to convey emotion about your message. Otherwise, you’re not really serious about your message.

If you were serious about your message, you would convey real emotion and conviction.

Maybe it’s time to be serious and express emotion when you speak.

Why so seerious



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