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George Torok, President of Superior Presentations helps you convey your intended message for greater success. In his executive coaching and presentation skills training programs, he raises and addresses critical questions about effective communication.

What are leaders of CEO Global Network saying about George Torok and his communication skills programs?


How might you improve your leadership presence in virtual meetings?


Hugh Coppen, Group Leader

In one hour, George Torok helped me vastly improve my virtual presence. His first focus was on the visual and audio setup: lighting, camera positioning, background, audio quality, ambient noise and more. As a result I bought a supplementary light, a decent webcam to replace the poor quality of my laptop camera and a desktop microphone. The improvement in my video presence is amazing.

The rest of his coaching on the delivery of the message was just as valuable. Especially important for me was remembering the impact of making eye contact by looking directly into the lens, not always staring at the on-screen images of others on the call. Equally important was remembering to smile to warm up the connection.

I highly recommend George to improve your virtual communications effectiveness.


Lena Bradburn, Group Leader

Presenting workshops and presentations, or being interviewed, virtually has been a new experience for many of us, including me. I had the good fortune to spend some time with George to get his insights on improving my delivery.


George emphasized the need for a good camera and mic to ensure the quality of the audio and video experience for viewers – sometimes the ones in our laptops are just not up to snuff.


George’s strategies on how to keep one’s voice strong include remembering to breathe and practicing deep breathing exercises, as well as getting rid of the tension in the neck and shoulders by yawning (preferably before going on camera).


George also shared great tips for keeping slide decks and virtual platforms interesting, including changing up backgrounds to provide some variety and selecting workshop participates to read responses to questions put in the chat box.


If you can spend some time with George to get his insights on your presentation style, it will be worth it.


How might you polish the delivery of your virtual presentation?


Tony Martino, Group Leader

George consistently does a great job delivering his “Superior Presentations” workshop. He recently delivered his workshop virtually to a group of executives I work with and it was just as good as his live deliveries. Great engagement of the participants and excellent feedback on how well the session was conducted – a very positive learning experience with great take-aways for all those who attended.

Every time I sit through one of George’s workshops, I always add to my own techniques for communicating better and delivering better presentations. Thanks George





Ron Baugh, Group Leader

I have known George for over four years and have received terrific coaching on my presentation skills throughout this time.

Recently, I was asked to do a virtual, recorded presentation on Zoom. I reached out to George for assistance with this and, as always,  he provided me with invaluable tips and advice to both script and deliver my message more effectively.





How might you transform your communication and presentation skills to be more effective as a leader?


John Percy, Group Leader

Had the opportunity to attend George’s seminar “Delivering Superior Presentations …. because inferior never wins”.

The course was informative, fun and provided simple, yet effective methods to improve the impact of your presentations. I plan to use some of these newly found skills in a presentation that I am doing this week. Thank you George.





Scott Ray, Group Leader

George brings a positive, focused approach to presentation coaching. His tips and techniques offer practical and repeatable ways to create winning presentations!






John Wilson, CEO & Founder of CEO Global Network

George Torok is the best public speaking and presentation coach I have ever experienced.

Three big reasons:

  1. His first-hand knowledge goes deep with his 25 years of successful experience
  2. His ability to give timely and honest, candid feedback
  3. He really cares about you and sincerely wants you to get better

I have known George for almost 20 years and every time he is in the room when I give a presentation he gives me candid straightforward feedback on how I can get better. His insights are invaluable.

Everyone who wants to get better at public speaking and presentations will benefit from George’s coaching.

If you thought effective communication was difficult before the pandemic, it’s even more challenging in virtual and hybrid meetings. The fundamentals of communication become more critical to your success. Add to that the details of the setting, equipment and delivery.

The sooner you catch up to the new rules of communicating, the greater influence you will project to your team and colleagues.

Be sure that your audience is receiving your intended message.

If you are ready to transform your virtual presence – let’s talk soon.

George Torok


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