Executive communication skills

Executive Communication Skills

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What are the communication skills that an executive leader might need to develop and exhibit?

You might be brilliant, yet if you are unable to convey your messages or understand your people, you will fail as a leader. You are simply brilliant and might make a successful engineer, executive assistant or inventor but not an effective leader.
Where does executive communication start?

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Executive presence

What is Executive Presence?

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What is Executive Presence?
I believe that executive presence means that you look, sound and feel like you belong in a leadership role. Presence means that you show up and look like you are present. That you are comfortable and most importantly that you belong in your position. Presence might mean looking good when you don’t feel good. Presence means owing your space – physical, emotional and relational.

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own the room

How to Own the Room when You Present

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Do you want to own the room? What might that mean? How can you own the room? Owning the room is a feeling of comfort and confidence.

A successful presentation starts with the presenter owning the room. When you know and own the room, you will feel more powerful and confident. That enables more effective and successful presentations for you.

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speaking mistakes the CEO can avoid

CEO Speaks Nonsense? What did she really mean?

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What happens when your words sabotage your message instead of conveying it? As CEO of your company your words are important. The messages that you deliver in public are evaluated by your investors, staff, suppliers, customers, competitors, marketplace and media. People will judge you and your company by your words. They might misjudge your message. That’s why it’s important to thoughtfully choose your words to convey your intended message.

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