Close your presentation with pride

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Close your presentation strong and proud

The close to your presentation is important to the success of your message.  Your close is the last impression. You can make it the lasting impression that resonates within their mind even after they leave the room.

How can you do that?

Prepare the precise words that you will end with. Don’t wing your close. There might have been some freeform parts during the body of your presentation. However, words in your close are precious. Chose them purposefully and deliver confidently.

Remember this guideline when creating your close. If they only remember the close, will they have the essence of your message?

First let’s identify the weak closes that you must discard.

  1. That’s all, I’m done now.
  2. That’s everything I know.
  3. I think that covers it.
  4. Oh, looks like my time is up.
  5. Thank you*

*If you’re wondering why “Thank you” is a poor way to end, read this blog post.


Instead end proud and strong

Consider these options for your close

  1. Summary
  2. Call to action
  3. Challenge
  4. Reflect the opening
  5. I want to leave you with



Briefly mention the top three points. You covered the detail in the presentation. By reminding them of the key points you reinforce these points and relative details.

Call to action

If the purpose of the presentation was to move people, you remind them in the close. In a good sales presentation, you highlighted the call to action earlier in the presentation. This is simply the final reminder of action required. A phase that works well is “the next steps are”.


Call to action

What do you want them to do next. Tell them.



This is a variation of the call to action. Challenge them to act, start the process or achieve a goal.


Reflect the opening

Tie the close to what you said in the opening. You might repeat the opening line. If you opened with a question you might repeat the question or answer it or tell them the answer. This technique conveys closure to the opening dilemma.


I want to leave you with

This is a warm close that can combine with the other options. I want to leave you with this challenge. I want to leave you with these three points. I want to leave you with this mantra.


I want to leave you with stronger choices to close your presentation.


PS: When you close – look and sound proud of the message you just delivered because we remember last impressions.

PPS: I welcome your questions and suggestions for future tips.

how to close your presentation

How to close your presentation

How to close your presentation






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