How to close your presentation

How to Close Your Speech or Presentation

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Your close although short is a significant part of your speech. Be clear on the purpose of your speech and be clear on how your close supports that purpose. Your last words might be remembered the most. No matter how badly you think your presentation went always end it looking and sounding confidently.

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CEO stumbled through the close to the speech

CEO Stumbles through a Clumsy Close to his Keynote Speech

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This CEO didn’t know how to end his presentation. That was curious because as the head of an advertising firm he stressed the importance of telling stories. He emphasized the need to sculpt three components to your stories; opening, body and close. But he didn’t do that with his presentation. Both his opening and close were disasters. I wonder if he delivers a better close when pitching to prospects.

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Don't end your presentation with thank you

“Thank You” is a poor way to end your presentation

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Don’t end your presentation with the words, “Thank you”.
You might be thinking, “What’s wrong ending your presentation with ‘Thank you’?’ That’s just being polite, right?

Let’s address the first three questions.

What’s wrong ending on ‘thank you’?
What’s a better ending?
Is it polite?

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