Worst presentation ever manure

Worst Presentation Ever: Silly Phrases pt 3

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What can you learn from the worst presentation? There is no Perfect Presentation. The goal is to deliver an effective presentation. An effective presentation is one that informs and moves the audience. As a presenter you can learn from the techniques of effective presenters. What did they do that worked well and you might be able to use in your presentations?

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Build rapport with burnt toast

How to Build Rapport and Connect with Your Audience

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Do you want your message to resonate with your audience? The message is more likely to land well, be received and trusted if you have connected with your audience. They must know, like and trust you. How can you accomplish that? By building rapport rapidly near the beginning of your presentation.

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Open your presentation with contrast to grab attention

Grab Attention when You Open Your Presentation with Contrast

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Open Your Presentation with Contrast to grab Attention. Why open you presentation with contrast? To grab attention, to engage, to trigger thinking. To highlight the difference between two opposite choices and the resulting outcomes. To create curiosity, stimulate interest and insight intrigue.

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Tell your amazing story

How to Tell Your Stories

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The best speakers tell stories. Your audience forgets most of what you said in your presentation. They forget your name. If they remember anything, it’s your best stories. You know it was an effective story when they repeat it to others. They might not repeat it word for word – but they convey the essence of your message. That makes your presentation story a success.

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Answer questions from the audience

How to Answer Questions from Your Audience: The Seven Step Formula

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You can expect your audience to have questions about your presentation. That indicates interest in your presentation message.

When you answer questions from the audience, that allows you to engage them and reinforce your message. The question-and-answer session can convey your confidence, reveal your depth of knowledge and enhance the rapport between you and your audience – if you handle it well.

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Why do Zoom presentation suck

Why do Zoom presentations suck and what to do about that?

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It’s not your imagination. Zoom or virtual presentations do suck both figuratively and literally. They sap energy and magnify flaws. Presenting online is challenging. What might you do to improve? Understand the challenges, adapt your presentation delivery, and enhance your skills.

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Engage audience with questions

Engage Your Audience with Three Types of Questions

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Questions are much more engaging than statements. Use questions throughout your presentation to keep your audience interested. Sprinkle these three types of questions within your presentation to make it feel more like a conversation instead of a lecture. Use all three types of questions and you’ll keep your audience actively engaged during your presentation.

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Why and how to use Zoom Chat

Why Should You Use the Chat in Zoom

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The chat encourages people to think. What could be a higher form of engagement than that? The chat offers you as the meeting leader or presenter benefits that you can’t enjoy in a live presentation. You will tend to get a higher percentage of your audience actively contributing because there are those who prefer not to speak up but find it easier to write a short chat. It feels safer to chat then to speak.

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