The Chicken Was Better Than the Luncheon Speaker because…

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The Chicken Was Better Than the Luncheon Speaker because…the Speaker Read His Speech.

What a disappointment. I eagerly attended this luncheon to hear the speaker, yet it was the chicken lunch that was more enjoyable.

The guest speaker had an impressive history of accomplishments. He was successful in both public service and entrepreneurship.

He also contributed to the university in many roles over several decades. This was clearly a fascinating person with inspiring stories to share. I was excited to hear his stories. I wondered what we might hear about his experiences, lessons, mistakes, challenges and dreams.

That’s why I attended the university alumni luncheon to hear this speaker. I wanted to learn about this person and his journey.

Instead, he parked himself behind the lectern and boringly read the speech that someone wrote for him. Cleary the speech writer wanted to demonstrate his vocabulary by including several ten-dollar words. That doesn’t enhance comprehension, rapport or trust.

The speaker didn’t seem to deviate from the written text.

Occasionally the speaker shifted his stance, planted his hands in his pockets then withdrew them a few minutes later. He seemed uncomfortable and nervous even though the was talking about a topic he knew well – himself.

The presentation was disappointing, boring and uninspiring. There were no memorable stories or powerful insights.

The speech was not personal. It started with an old joke that got a laugh – but it did not have a point – other than to discredit his credentials. That’s not the same as a personal self deprecation.

There was no call to action to his audience. I’m not sure why he gave that speech.

We didn’t learn about him as a person. He remained anonymous and cold. The script lacked personality. His delivery lacked warmth. I wonder if he rehearsed his delivery or ever read the script before he spoke.

It was a terrible presentation and waste of our time. So much potential was lost. What a shame.

At least the chicken lunch was decent.

I wonder why such a successful person never learned how to deliver an effective speech?

Shame on the speaker, his staff and the alumni association for not treating the audience with more respect.

The Chicken Was Better Than the Luncheon Speaker because…the Speaker Read His Speech.

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