Become a confident communicator and speaker

My Journey to Become a Confident Communicator and Powerful Presenter

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I was a shy and introverted student who learned to become more confident and more effective as a communicator and speaker. I’m still an introvert. That means that I can participate in public engagement and then I need alone time to recharge. You can be an introvert and still be a confident speaker.

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Build self confidence

How to Build Your Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is the currency of success. It can be a elusive coin. Yet it is critical to life and success.
It can determine the difference between success and failure, happiness and misery, and even life and death. It’s not something that comes naturally, yet it’s a skill that can be learned and improved upon with practice. In this article, we will discuss some practical tips and techniques that can help you build self-confidence.

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Executive presence

Executive Presence: Be Fully Present and Look like you Belong

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Executive presence is a set of qualities that leaders display in their behavior, demeanor, communication, and appearance. It refers to the way they carry themselves, exude confidence, and project their authority and leadership skills. It is a critical attribute for anyone aspiring to advance to leadership positions in their organization or industry.

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imposter syndrome for emerging leaders

How Can Emerging Leaders Deal with Imposter Syndrome?

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Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which a person doubts their accomplishments, skills, or abilities and has an internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud or impostor. People with imposter syndrome often feel like they don’t belong or that they have achieved their success due to luck rather than their own abilities.

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Confidence speaker

How to speak with more confidence

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Speak with more confidence
When you are speaking, which do you believe Is more important? To feel confident or to appear confident? Think about that. You probably want both, but you can’t have both all the time. The question is which is more important? The answer is, it’s more important to appear confident.  Why? Because that is the perspective of your listeners. Once you recognize that it’s about the audience experience and not your experience three factors work in your favor.

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Executive presence

What is Executive Presence?

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What is Executive Presence?
I believe that executive presence means that you look, sound and feel like you belong in a leadership role. Presence means that you show up and look like you are present. That you are comfortable and most importantly that you belong in your position. Presence might mean looking good when you don’t feel good. Presence means owing your space – physical, emotional and relational.

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Answer questions from the audience

How to Answer Questions from Your Audience: The Seven Step Formula

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You can expect your audience to have questions about your presentation. That indicates interest in your presentation message.

When you answer questions from the audience, that allows you to engage them and reinforce your message. The question-and-answer session can convey your confidence, reveal your depth of knowledge and enhance the rapport between you and your audience – if you handle it well.

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